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Published on September 21st, 2017 | by John Kane


Review: Wealth Recovery International

Review: Wealth Recovery International John Kane

Summary: This company promises to help traders recover funds from brokers that aren't providing withdrawals. I'm skeptical about these services, so it's important that I review as many of them as I can.


Lately, there has been an increase in websites dedicated to helping traders recover their money from binary options scams. Today I’m reviewing one of those companies, Wealth Recovery International. Due to many binary options brokers doing a poor job at providing withdrawals and living up to their reputations, a niche market has sprouted with companies dedicated to helping traders recover lost funds. It’s really quite a shame that this is even required, but I do hold out hope that we can lean on more reputable binary options brokers as we continue trading in the future.

The company is located at 200 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10281. They have office hours from 8AM to 1PM EST, and can be contacted via email at, or phone US +1 (888) 653-2119, UK +44 (113) 868-0981. I would be very interested to see if this company does actually have office hours, or if this is just something they are saying on the website. If you live in New York, please stop by their offices, and leave a comment with your experiences. That would go a long way.

Wealth Recovery International Review

The story behind the Wealth Recovery International service is that the people who created this service are former binary options scammers, but now they want to help victims to get their money back. Some say, once you are a scammer, you are always a scammer, so we have to be skeptical in our approach when dealing with this company. The company was founded by Austin Smith, who has hired an attorney at law Tami Hamm, and the retired IRS criminal investigator Arthur VanDesande. I’m having a difficult time finding information on any of these people, and the only lawyer I found with the name Tami Hamm, is associated with a law firm in St. Louis. There is nothing listed on a LinkedIn page about New York or this wealth recovery service.

It’s certainly possible that these three just don’t have reputations online, but in the binary options marketplace it’s very difficult to deal with people you don’t know or trust.


  • Type: Binary Options Recovery Service
  • Price: Undisclosed

I have reviewed a couple other services like this already, Win ChargeBack, and

How The Service Works

The Wealth Recovery International website doesn’t go into much detail about how the recovery process works, or what it costs you to get started. On the website, the only way to really get this information is to request a consultation. Yet, in doing some research I found that one trader has been consulted and they were told that there is a 10% upfront free, and an additional 20% when the money is returned. So, if you are attempting to recover $10,000, then you would be paying $3000 to WRI, and getting back $7000.

It’s possible that the have different prices for different sizes of claims, but you would have to book a consultation to get this information.

Client Feedback

While the business comes across as a big lucrative company, there are elements that contradict this. Currently, Wealth Recovery International has 3 videos available on their YouTube channel, but they are hardly getting any views of all. According to one of the videos, they sponsored a NASCAR driver that lost money in binary options but even this video with a celebrity is fighting to crack 200 views.

This is prominent in the amount of feedback there is about the services well. I’ve been unable to find anyone who has used this service, and this is a common sentiment with other traders online looking for the same information.


I believe that it’s important we get some real client feedback from people who have use the Wealth Recovery International service, before we get involved. I never want to be the first person testing a new product or service, because there is always a chance that is a scam. In this case, we already know that the creators of the service used to be scammers, so we have to be very careful in our approach, and make sure that we don’t get scammed at the front and the back of our investment. It would be very disappointing to pay an upfront fee to only lose more money in the end.

Thank you for reading my review, and please if you’ve use this service leave a comment and let us know how it works.

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