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Published on February 21st, 2020 | by John Kane


Review: Wealth Recovery International

Lately, there has been an increase in websites dedicated to helping traders recover their money from binary options scams. Today I’m reviewing one of those companies, Wealth Recovery International. Due to many binary options brokers doing a poor job at providing withdrawals and living up to their reputations, a niche market has sprouted with companies dedicated to helping traders recover lost funds. It’s really quite a shame that this is even required, but I do hold out hope that we can lean on more reputable binary options brokers as we continue trading in the future.

The company is located at 200 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10281. They have office hours from 8AM to 1PM EST, and can be contacted via email at, or phone US +1 (888) 653-2119, UK +44 (113) 868-0981. I would be very interested to see if this company does actually have office hours, or if this is just something they are saying on the website. If you live in New York, please stop by their offices, and leave a comment with your experiences. That would go a long way.

Wealth Recovery International Review

The story behind the Wealth Recovery International service is that the people who created this service are former binary options scammers, but now they want to help victims to get their money back. Some say, once you are a scammer, you are always a scammer, so we have to be skeptical in our approach when dealing with this company. The company was founded by Austin Smith, who has hired an attorney at law Tami Hamm, and the retired IRS criminal investigator Arthur VanDesande. I’m having a difficult time finding information on any of these people, and the only lawyer I found with the name Tami Hamm, is associated with a law firm in St. Louis. There is nothing listed on a LinkedIn page about New York or this wealth recovery service.

It’s certainly possible that these three just don’t have reputations online, but in the binary options marketplace it’s very difficult to deal with people you don’t know or trust.


  • Type: Binary Options Recovery Service
  • Price: Undisclosed

I have reviewed a couple other services like this already, Win ChargeBack, and

How The Service Works

The Wealth Recovery International website doesn’t go into much detail about how the recovery process works, or what it costs you to get started. On the website, the only way to really get this information is to request a consultation. Yet, in doing some research I found that one trader has been consulted and they were told that there is a 10% upfront free, and an additional 20% when the money is returned. So, if you are attempting to recover $10,000, then you would be paying $3000 to WRI, and getting back $7000.

It’s possible that the have different prices for different sizes of claims, but you would have to book a consultation to get this information.

Client Feedback

While the business comes across as a big lucrative company, there are elements that contradict this. Currently, Wealth Recovery International has 3 videos available on their YouTube channel, but they are hardly getting any views of all. According to one of the videos, they sponsored a NASCAR driver that lost money in binary options but even this video with a celebrity is fighting to crack 200 views.

This is prominent in the amount of feedback there is about the services well. I’ve been unable to find anyone who has used this service, and this is a common sentiment with other traders online looking for the same information.


I believe that it’s important we get some real client feedback from people who have use the Wealth Recovery International service, before we get involved. I never want to be the first person testing a new product or service, because there is always a chance that is a scam. In this case, we already know that the creators of the service used to be scammers, so we have to be very careful in our approach, and make sure that we don’t get scammed at the front and the back of our investment. It would be very disappointing to pay an upfront fee to only lose more money in the end.

Thank you for reading my review, and please if you’ve use this service leave a comment and let us know how it works.

Wealth Recovery International














  • Promising returns


  • No proof

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24 Responses to Review: Wealth Recovery International

  1. Chris Strickert says:

    Wealth Recovery International, are definitely scammers, There website, email or phone #’s do not work anymore, They all are full of broken promises. Nobody will get what they paid for from them, Bunch of duche bags

  2. Andy says:

    Very poor service and communication from Wealth Recovery Int

    Over the last 6 months, I certainly can’t say anything positive about WRI. I received an email around Xmas time notifying about what was happening and would be update further. In Feb I sent an email regarding a matter at my end, then in March received an email informing me the Acc Manager was leaving and someone would contact me shortly. I waited 1 month before I sent several emails – to different emails – over the course of a month before i received a reply from the person taking over the Account. I replied I was unhappy with the response to the multiple emails I had sent. I received a reply stating that someone from senior management would contact me shortly, nearly 3 weeks later and after multiple emails saying I hadn’t heard from anyone, I am still waiting for a reply and still waiting for the contact from management level.
    Very poor service and communication! Not what you’d expect from a reputable company.

  3. Kylie says:

    I’ve been contacted by WRI stating they have frozen funds in my name recovered from that which was scammed from me. They said I have to pay taxes on these funds to the US Govt of 17% which I pay half now and half when my frozen funds are returned to me. It’s actually not too much but I’m concerned this is just another scam. Do you think this is legit or they are just trying a new tact?

  4. RW says:

    Has anybody had their funds recovered by WRI please?

  5. Richard Trigg says:

    I lost a lot of money to a scam binary options company and in March I paid the $1,000 to WRI to get the recovery process going but when the questionnaire came through I decided I didn’t want to go through all the trauma nor hand over enough personal information for a comprehensive identity theft. I notified them by email I wished to withdraw and to refund the balance – their first invoice was for $160. I have received no confirmation email of my request to withdraw, though I’ve requested it threee times, and a few days ago I got a backdated bill for $960 – remarkable, though hardly surprising, that they could spend all my money without any of the information they said was required to open the case. I have, of course, not heard anything from them since I notified them I wanted to withdraw.
    I’m very sorry to have thrown more good money after bad, and my poor heart can’t fathom the depths of deceit these people operate in but this company is totally unprofessional and almost certainly a scam and if writing this saves someone some money then there is some small crumb of comfort in this financial disaster.

    • Joel says:


      We do not like to be speaking about a claim on a forum such as this. You paid $1,000 and a lawsuit was filed on your behalf, which you can see here:

      As you can see (and as we have spoken about), the received of the lawsuit was on the 15th of March. We did not receive the invoice from the attorney in New York until the end of the month, therefore we needed to predate it.

      If the lawsuit was not filed we would not be able to share it but it is now public information. It is unfortunate to read your comment, all we tried to do was to get you on the lawsuit (within two weeks) as we promised.

      Richard, unfortunately we cannot represent a client who will slander us publicly. Your actions negatively affect the others in the lawsuit and give ammunition to Omega Options.

    • Richard says:

      WRI called me shortly after I wrote the review and asked that I retract what I had said based on the argument that the review would prevent other people getting their money back, and of course I would not want to be responsible for preventing others from getting their money back. Ironic, that it was my not getting my money back from them which motivated my review. Yet, sure enough after forty-five minutes I had been convinced they were legitimate and was prepared to write the retraction.
      But isn’t that the way we got into trouble in the first place with those very convincing calls. So I waited and showed the ‘document’ to an attorney friend… he laughed. I won’t print his comments here or say anymore about that.

      In conclusion, I will allow there is a slight possibility that they are a legitimate company who operates in ways and to a quality standard which would not be generally acceptable in North America or Europe. I would like to have had better news for anyone who lost their money but I am clear that my money is gone and, in a way it’s a relief to know I won’t be living in hope anymore. Please do whatever you feel is in your best interests but from my personal experience with WRI I cannot recommend them.

      Should there be any further consequences to my review I’ll let this site know.

  6. Anna says:

    I have been working with WRI for the past 4 months now and $2K later – and NOTHING…. they keep asking me to add more $$ so that they keep working on my case and if I don’t they will not do anything…. So, – I don’t see the light at the end of tunnel. I now starting to believe that this is another scammer company that all they want is to suck more money out of you.
    I am starting to regret now for starting to use them to recover my money I lost at with Delton Financial binary.

  7. David Crandall says:

    Caution Guys- Do not even think of using WRI. I paid $1200 to Birman law firm which was recommended by them because I lost $6500 with I lost my hard earned money with this scam broker. I won 32,000 and could not make a withdrawal. I never got my money. back from Birman law. I have been running around for 4 months trying to get my money back. They are both a big time fraud!!! Stay away from these super SCAMs!!

  8. Dominic Walters says:

    Ive been contacted by them too. 10% up front then 25% of recovered funds. I lost £55,000 and what worries me even if I was able to raise 10% to pay them, there is no guarantee that the fees wouldn’t go up if it had to go to court…..

  9. darren ogden says:

    I been contacted by WRI as well in relations losses through dealing with Skyline Markets.
    Does anyone know of any legit recovery firms with actual people who can vouch for them and prove they have had funds recovered?

    • Dominic Walters says:

      Problem there is who do you believe? Reviews are revives and can be written by anyone. I have read countless reviews about success with hackers but it sounds dubious to me…after we have all lost so much, who can trust anybody?

  10. Gertrude Coulter says:

    I concur with replies above. I suppose I am one of the lucky ones. My “investment” (although considerable for me) was small in comparison to those eye watering sums above! Looks like I have been scammed by Ivory Options in that I cannot get a withdrawal…..even though my account is at $139,000 (apparently) I started looking for answers in trying to recover my money and came across “wealth recovery”. Basically, I have been quoted similar figures but felt a bit dubious from the beginning in that they phoned and txt’d several times a day. I am NOT about to pay ANY up front fees especially with no guarantee of success. If they are legit then a % of money recovered should be no problem. I am shocked to see some of these people are former scammers!! Enough said. I am resigned to the loss of approx £12,000 and the possibility I might eventually recover some from Ivory Option. Incidentally, anyone have a positive story about Ivory Option? Reviews online terrible but one or two positive stories. I should have researched them BEFORE investing !

  11. Raymond Rabe says:

    I just received a call from WRI. I don’t know what to do. I lost my life savings of 137K through a company named Morton Finance. I just lost my partner of 41 years on February 1st 2018 so i told them to call me back in a few weeks. If i take a chance with them and find out they are just another scam i could not deal with it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have been in touch with WRI.
    They require 10% down and 20% of what is recovered. You stated this accurately in your article and it is what they told me.
    However, if they have a third party do work into investigating your case those charges will be billed separately. But they will always ask you before they let the third party work on your behalf. If you wish to go that route and pay the extra cost or would you like to try another way?
    So above and beyond the 30% to WRI, you will be responsible for the third party costs. For someone who lost a lot, i think it could be well worth it.

  13. Alvin Rosborough says:

    Just read your review about Wealth Recovery International ( WRI) – its funny as i’ve just received a tel call from Rachel a paralegal who works for Veronica Birman a lawyer who specialises in Binary Options Money Recovery for clients. I’ve been told by Rachel that up to 10th Jan this Veronica Birman will still deal with my case but after that it will be WRI. The charges applicable are apparently 5% up front potentially increasing to 10% plus 25% of monies recovered & this Rachel has said there is a 9 in 10 chance they will be able to fully recover the monies. Unfortunately I’ve been the victim of a scam & lost about 250K to a company called Wentworth Options and have become so skeptical of any of these wealth recovery companies

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