Binary Recovery Review: Win Chargeback

Today I’m looking at a service dedicated to helping traders recover money lost from binary options trading scams, Win Chargeback. If you’ve been in the binary options market for a while, then you certainly know that there are many unscrupulous product developers and trading brokerages. It is very common for traders to lose thousands of dollars at the hands of account managers that promise guaranteed returns. This service is built to help you recover that money.

It is unclear who is behind this service, as the about us page utilizes a pen name for the creator of the service. They claim that they are using a pen name and not exposing their location on purpose to protect themselves from binary options companies. Traders can get in touch with support via phone +1 888 7076 946, or email,

Win Chargeback Review

According to the sales page, the Win Chargeback service is currently operating at a success rate of 82%. There is no way for us to verify this number, so we essentially have to take the service provider at their word. The only way they could prove this number, is if they released all of their client data, which I would never ask them to do because it would be against their privacy policy.

The service provider created a team of “industry professionals who know exactly how to get your money back in the shortest timeframe.” They are well aware that many people have lost money in the binary options market in a multitude of ways, with the most prevalent being untrustworthy brokerages. In my experience, I’ve seen many traders lose money when they put their trust in inexperienced account managers. What frequently happens when a trader signs up with a brokerage, is that they get a phone call shortly thereafter by an account manager claiming that they will personally trade an increase the clients trading account as long as the client deposits more money. What happens in these cases, is that the trader follows through with the extra deposit and then within a few weeks or months the entire account collapses.

The lesson here is, don’t trust someone to trade for you, especially if you don’t know who they are.

Pricing and Plans

There are a few different ways the Win Chargeback service can be utilized by the binary options public. There is the basic plan, the winning dispute, the advanced plan and the ultimate plan.

  • Basic Plan

The basic plan is a flat fee of 30%. So, if the service recovers $10,000, you would be entitled to pay them $3000 for that recovery. In this plan, the service will review the case, look for loopholes, collect relevant evidence and prepare a winning dispute.

  • Winning Dispute Plan

The winning dispute plan costs £400, and 20% of the recovery. This plan includes everything that the basic plan includes, as well as a 15 minute call with one of the experts that will help plan the recovery strategy.

  • Advanced Plan

The 3rd plan is £550,and 20% of the recovery. This is pretty much the same as the other 2 plans except you get for separate 15 minute calls in the planning process.

  • Ultimate Plan

The ultimate plan seems to be more of a hands-on approach by the Win Chargeback team. This plan is likely for large recoveries, and the fee is generally somewhere between £3000-10,000 GBP with an additional 30%.

The fees for each plan are quite expensive, but if you can recover some of your money, I would say that it is worth it.

Real User Reviews

The current client feedback for the Win Chargeback service is very positive. They have an extremely high rating on FPA, as it’s nearly impossible to find a negative review.

There was only 1 2 star review, and the rest are all 5 stars. Pretty impressive.


If I was ever in a situation like this, I believe that I would handle it myself. Yet, if you feel that you are powerless in this situation and need help that I recommend looking into the Win Chargeback services further yourself.

Please let me know what you think about this recovery process, and leave a comment with your personal experiences.

Win Chargeback Undisclosed
  • Price - 50%
  • Reputation - 33%
  • Results - 11%
  • Feedback - 44%
  • Support - 92%


Multiple plans


No proof of success

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