Full Binary Strategy & May 16 Profit Numbers

full-binary-strategy-&-may-16-profit-numbersHey guys, today I’m sharing the 20th, YES 20th edition of the Binary Today income report. For this special anniversary I will be providing a full walk through of my binary options strategy, free of charge.

I’m going to show you the entire process from start to finish so that nothing is missed, and you can follow me to get the gains you deserve.

If you are new to binary options, or a veteran trader, this strategy can be used by all. I’ll start off by showing you my latest income report and then jump right into the free binary options strategy.

May 16 Income Report

In May I have continued to rely on effective binary options signal software to provide me with trade opportunities. I haven’t done any manual trading in a few months because I hate hunting down new trades. I’d much rather have a software provide me with signals, it makes my daily trading sessions MUCH EASIER.

  1. binary-today-trader-#1

    #1 Ranked

    Binary Today Trader +$15,600.50up-arrow

  2. Binary Brain Wave +$8,430.35up-arrow
  3. Binary Ascend +$6,720.40up-arrow
  4. Binary Options Bullet +$2245.60up-arrow
  5. Consultation +$500.00up-arrow
  6. Manual Trading +$0.00down-arrow

Total $33,496.85 (300K Progress 47%)

[wppb progress=47 option=”animated-candystripe green” percent=inside fullwidth=true]


I am making very good progress to achieve my goal of 300K this year and if I keep up this pace I may end up exceeding my expectations so cross your fingers for me!

Now, unlike usual when I would provide a full breakdown of each system I’m going to quickly move onto my free binary options strategy. I’m sure that’s the main reason why you are here!

John Kane’s Full Binary Strategy

thinkforex-mt4My strategy is not complex or difficult. It is very straight forward and if you can follow instructions well, you can profit.

It all starts with Metatrader4. This is a 100% free trading platform. I use ThinkForex because they provide lifetime demo accounts that never expire. MT4 is where I receive signals and analyze trades.

Download Metatrader 4

After downloading Metatrader4, install it and open a free demo account.

Now that you have your MT4 demo account you will see some empty charts, our goal now is to fill these charts up with tools that will help you win trades.

Free Binary Options Analysis Tools


Scroll to the bottom of this page for free access.

Now, whether you are a manual trader, or a signal trader it’s a good idea that you download my free Trade Assistant and Range Detector tools.

At the bottom of this page you will see a box that says “Download My Free Binary Software.” All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of this post, click on share, like, tweet, or +1 and you will automatically be given access. If you don’t use social networks just email me and I’ll send you the link.

After you click on the share buttons you will get a green box like the one you see here. You can click on this and it will take you to a page with a link to Metatrader 4 (which you can skip if you already downloaded it) and access to the free tools.

This page also shows you how these tools work, and comes with an installation video.


After you share, this green box will appear to give you access.

Now that you have MT4 installed and have access to my Trade Assistant software you need Signals & Trades so you can start placing trades.

I use 4 signal software to send me signals. You can see them all here, rated by Binary Today readers.

Top Rated Binary Options Signal Software

15M Signals

$189 (coupon available)Try NowReview
5M Signals$119 (great value)Try NowReview

Trade Alerts (click to enlarge)

All four of these binary options downloads will install easily to your Metatrader 4 platform and start sending you signals. Signals will pop up on the front of your screen, go to your email and even your phone if that’s what your interested in.

They all send signals at different times, with different expiry times and trading assets. So you should check out each one and decide which is right for you.

I rely heavily on Binary Today Trader because it’s the most flexible and provides a lot of trading opportunities.

Depending on the software I’m using I use a specific tool to analyze the signals that I receive. Either the Trade Assistant (Binary Today Trader, Binary Ascend, Binary Options Bullet) or Range Detector (Binary Brain Wave)If you read the comments section underneath each review I’ve written about these products you will find a lot of information about how my readers use these tools as well.


Trade Assistant in action

With the Binary Today Trader I focus on signals for the M30 and H1 timeframes. That means I receive trades with 30 minute or 1 hour expiry times. After I receive a signal (like the ones in the image above) I verify them with the trade assistant. If a signal is a PUT trade then I want the trade assistant to have either 3/4 or 4/4 arrows pointing downward, the opposite for a CALL trade.

In this example on the right, we can see that the Trade Assistant believes the market is going down with 3/4 arrows pointing in that direction. So, in this case when I receive a PUT signal from the Binary Today Trader software, I will place the trade.

I follow the exact same rules when I’m trading with Binary Ascend or Binary Options Bullet.

I receive a signal, I make sure that the Trade Assistant agrees, and then I place the trade.


Range Detector in action

As for Binary Brain Wave, I use the Range Detector.

When I receive a signal (with brainwave signals come every hour at the 50 minute mark) I want to see that the market is ranging.

To be specific, in the image on the right we can see 1 min, 5 min etc. All I’m looking at is 30 Min and 1 Hr. If those two say Ranging, then I place the trade. In this example, I would not place the trade because only one of the two say ranging.


Placing the trade with your broker

In conjunction, all of these tools can be installed and providing profitable signals in under an hour.

The process is very simple, I receive a signal, I verify it with the free tool and I place the trade.

It may take you a day or two to get the hang of, but it’s well worth it.

After receiving the signal you place the trade with your binary options broker.

Wrapping Things Up

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While the rest of the binary options market wants you to believe you can make $1K per day without lifting a finger, I’m not the rest of the market.

Today I gave you a real strategy, it takes under an hour to setup but it’s proven to work. Thousands of my reader use this strategy every single day to grow their accounts.

It’s not 100% automated, but there isn’t a single tool in this market that can do all the work on it’s own.

I hope that you will follow this guide and achieve success in the binary options market.

Join me and the rest of the Binary Today readers and start winning trades!

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