Recovery Review: Reclaws International

Today I’m analyzing another binary options fund recovery service that promises to help traders retrieve their investments from unscrupulous trading companies, Reclaws International. The people behind this service refer to themselves as an international financial recovery firm, affiliated with lawyers all around the world to ensure that their clients get the justice in the returned that they deserve.

The head offices are located at 63 Mark lane, London, EC3R 7NQ, UK. They also have a US headquarters at CVS Plaza, 1734 Spring Mountain Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89109. They claim to be PCI DSS Compliant, and they can be contacted at, or via the phone at +1 (800) 934-8976.

Reclaws International Review

The Reclaws International team claim to have expertise and underground intelligence when it comes to investigating “unregulated businesses who are involved in fraud and illegal activities.” Despite only being in business for approximately 4 months, they claim to have already retrieved millions of dollars for their clients. Considering the small timeframe that this business has been operating, I do find myself being a little skeptical about the numbers that they are providing.

In doing some additional research, I came across a thread claims that this group previously went under a different name, Recovery Lawyers. This forum thread is quite negative, and question the legitimacy of this group of recovery experts. This information is still theoretical, and not proven, but I feel is important to provide the community with the thread so that they can make up their own mind.


  • Founded: 2018
  • Type: Binary Options Recovery Service
  • Location: United Kingdom / United States
  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Bank Transfer

The fund recovery team currently provides traders with efforts in multiple markets, including asset/wealth management companies, binary options companies, Forex trading companies, crypto currency platforms, and online casinos. The Reclaws International group claim to be much more involved in returning traders funds in any market possible. They want to serve the community as they believe, only they can.

I’ve recently reviewed a few other fund recovery services, which you can check out in my reviews of Wealth Recovery International, Win Chargeback and My Charge Back.

Three Pillars

Reclaws International believe that there are 3 main aspects of their service that sets them apart from the rest of the fund recovery services currently in the marketplace. The first pillar, is their reliance on an in-house team of experienced attorneys. They tell us that they are a member of the international lawyers affiliation which gives them access to thousands of different lawyers across the globe.

The second pillar is members, which refers to the team of fund recovery experts that they have assembled which include experts in the fields of “cybercrime, banking, technology, international laws and investigation.” They believe that having a diverse team with multiple areas of expertise is imperative in helping traders recover their funds.

The last pillar is staff, which really just sounds like another word for members, but in this section they claim to have over 150 experienced personnel working in 4 different countries. In this section, they tell the community that they are available every single day of the year at all hours, the web chat, email, phone and WhatsApp.

Reclaws Client Feedback

In doing a brief Google search of the Reclaws International service, we can see that the customer feedback is quite positive at this point in time. There is obviously a concern that I brought up in the first paragraph of the review, but the trustpilot and sitejabber reviews are all showing 5 stars, which is quite impressive.


I’m still not sure if I’m ready to recommend any wealth recovery service, because this market is unproven, and nobody I personally know has ever had any success with services like Reclaws International. That doesn’t mean that this service is untrustworthy, it just means that I’m unsure about the fund recovery market as a whole.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please let me know your experiences with this company, and maybe you can help shape my opinion of this new type of service.

Reclaws International Undisclosed
  • Price - 65%
  • Strategy - 45%
  • Results - 20%
  • Feedback - 25%
  • Support - 82%


Multiple payment methods
Multiple locations


Unproven service

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