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Published on August 14th, 2017 | by John Kane

4 Review – My Charge Back Review – My Charge Back John Kane

Summary: This is another new service claiming to help traders recover scammed funds. There seems to be quite a few of these popping up lately.


Today I’m looking at a new service built to help traders that believe they’ve been scammed get their money back, The creators of this service specialized in the fields of Binary Options, Forex or CFD brokers. Obviously for the purposes of my review, the focus will be on binary options, and this seems to be the market they advertise in most frequently.

The creator of this software is Mark Timmons, he claims that he was scammed once in the past, and that led into creating this company, Cactil, LLC. There is no full address, but we are told the location of the offices is in Cedarhurst, New York. Traders can contact support by email or phoning 1-888-350-8030 in the US, 1-647-946-8583 in Canada, 44-20-806-80493 in the UK and 61-2-8015-5645 in Australia. There are no office hours so you are best to email first and inquire when you can call. Review

The point of the service is to get your money back. They go about this by helping in the preparation of material that your bank will require in order to make the decision on your charge back. Each quote is personal, on a case by case basis but I’ve read one scenario where a trader wanted to recover $4550 and was quoted an up front fee of $750 USD. This does seem steep, but if it works, then it could be worth it. Yet, if you were to get the chargeback on your own, then that would be even more promising. So, it’s important that we analyze what exactly they are offering, and determine if that’s not something we can do on our own.

Personally, I feel like the creators of this service should be charging after they win your money back, not before. Or at the very least, put that money in a trust so that you don’t lose more money if they are unsuccessful.


There are a few points that believes they have expertise that will ensure traders recover their money.

  • They know what the bank needs to hear.
  • They know what type of mistakes the banks often make that lose your chargeback.
  • They know when you need to escalate your case within the bank.
  • They know know how many people live on mars. I’m not sure why this is here, seems off-brand and unprofessional considering the rest of the web-site.
  • They know how to present the chargeback “in the most effective manner.

These seem like valid points, but none of them really go into any detail. I feel like this service offers a guiding hand on your shoulder, but I’m not sure if it’s really necessary. If you know how to stomp your feet, and clap your hands loud enough, I believe that you can get this done on your own.

Client Feedback

There doesn’t seem to be any real client feedback for this service. The Win ChargeBack fund recovery service I reviewed last week had much more client feedback.

This service only seems to have a reddit thread made about 7 months ago and the majority of the posters are highly skeptical.


At this point in time I don’t believe I would signup for I would probably try and do this on my own, to see if I could recover my funds without having to pay someone nearly $1000 to do it for me, with no real promises of success or client feedback. My Win Charge Back is a better solution, but I don’t think I’d use either. In the end, its up to you.

My hope is that we will hear from some actual clients now, and that will help change my opinion on this completely. Thank you for reading, and let me know if you need any help trading binary options.

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4 Responses to Review – My Charge Back

  1. Greg Z. says:

    You asked to hear from an actual client and I’m one of them. I didn’t even know what a chargeback was, let alone that I was entitled to one because binary options scams are frauds. I contacted and provided them as requested with copies of communication with the fake brokerage as well as with my bank. They prepared the documentation I needed to submit to my bank and conference called with them over the phone and, as a result, the bank processed my request for a chargeback. I received my money back just about a month later. I could never have done that without them. This is a serious company and they provide a serious service.

  2. Michelle says:

    My Charge Back is just another money making scam

  3. David says:

    I suspect that is, itself, a SCAM. Reason. I ALMOST got into bed with FM-FX but, after some investigation after my initial contact with them via Facebook, and finding that they had a terrible track record of not doing what they promised and not giving refunds, told the person who kept phoning me to GO AWAY and NEVER contact me again. I had not put ANY money with them … then, lo and behold, three days later I get an unsolicited email from “” offering their services to get my money back!!!


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