Donald Trump Election & Binary Trading

donald-trump-election-binary-tradingWell, last night was certainly interesting wasn’t it?

The United States elected Donald Trump as president and it was a real shocker. Honestly, I’m as shocked as most people today but now we have to look at the impact this will have on our Binary Trading.

Binary Options Trump Impact

The most notable impact will be immediate and short-term. If you are trading today and over the next couple of weeks or months you will notice the markets being much more erratic than before the election.

During this current session the market hasn’t swung as wildly as it did after June’s EU referendum but we are still seeing shifts.

Moving forward, depending on how Trump approaches trade deals will be something to keep a close eye on. Trump consistently attacked the North American Free Trade Agreement during the election and if he makes changes to NAFTA it will certainly impact currency trading.

So, I don’t think it’s time for us to totally sound the alarm but at the same time I recommend some demo trading so that you can adjust to the markets. This week will obviously be much more difficult to trade but with the right tools at your disposal you should be able to continue analyzing signals and making the right decisions.

binary5-box-reviewThis morning I did a 4 hour trading session with Binary 5 and Binary Today Trader successfully. I was able to maintain an 82% ITM ratio over 10 trades so these systems are still performing as expected.

make sure you are keeping a close eye on the markets and that you are being extra cautious with the trades you are taking over the next few weeks. This is not a time to totally stop trading, but it’s certainly a time for us to be more cautious and respectful of the volatile nature of the markets. Donald Trump’s presidency is going to be interesting to say the least and hopefully we can find new ways to trade and benefit from this change.

Thanks for stopping by Binary Today. Please feel free to leave a comment with your concerns or analysis on the markets after the presidential election. It’s always important to analyze the news and major events because it gives us an edge over the other traders who don’t.

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