Quick Update: St Patrick’s Day

Hey guys, just checking in here to see how the trading week has gone for you. It’s been a great time to trade binary options, and the feedback we are receiving here at Binary Today is very positive.


You can expect a couple of things as we move into next week and start planning for our a big month of April. We’ve certainly heard all your emails, comments and will be putting together a new podcast episode as well as a Binary IQ live trade video.

It’s important that we show you exactly how we’ve been utilizing this trading system so that you can follow along and achieve the same high level of success that we are seeing with this brand new tool. The IQ software is a great example of ingenuity in the binary options market and an indicator that we have a lot of positivity going in the right direction right now. Hopefully you can take advantage of some of this momentum and start to grow your trading accounts with low risk signals that make sense.


As you’ve probably already noticed we’ve been very busy testing new binary options brokers to make sure that our broker list is the best collection of brokers on the Internet. While most websites in this market will promote the binary options broker that pays them the most, we do not. We will actually trade with each broker available under a different name, so we get the true experience of an actual client. There are some brokers that have failed miserably with this test, and when we told them who we were they change their tone very quickly but that doesn’t save a bad broker. We don’t want special treatment just because we are the founders of Binary Today. We want the true experience, and it’s often very poor.

There are quite a few brokers that have really risen to this challenge. The #1 broker in our list currently is HighLow. This broker has an incredible Binary Today client rating of 4.83/5 stars and passed every single one of our tests with flying colors. They are located in Australia, and are regulated by ASIC. We never had a single issue getting a withdrawal or discussing specific trades with the support staff.

Finishing Up

So, that’s it for today. We just wanted to touch base with you and let you know what you can expect from binary today in the next week or so. Look forward to the live trading video and feel free to email us with any of your requests for topics that you would like to be discussed in the podcast.

Thanks for stopping by and please have a drink for everyone here at Binary Today. If you are looking for more information, check out the new Binary Today Crunchbase profile, the Binary Today iTunes podcast or the Binary Today TuneIn radio podcast.

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