Quick Trade Option: All You Need to Know!

Quick Trade Option is a cryptocurrency trading site that focuses on offering investment plans to customers who are looking for returns based on successful cryptocurrency trading. While they do offer Forex trading options as well, their primary focus is on cryptocurrency trading. If you look closely, this site is not a real trading platform, rather it is an investment platform. This means that you will only invest and will have no part in the actual trading. They claim to have the best team of experts that can help investors make high profits through bitcoin. You can allegedly make as much as 50% profit on your investment in a single week. If you see a site that offers this high investment, any investor will be curious. However, there are many things that do not add up and you should never invest in any scheme without taking every angle into account. They are not very transparent when it comes to their regulatory details and payment methods. In addition to this, they do not disclose any trading strategy, which will be discussed further on in this review.

Quick Trade Option may look like they have been dealing in cryptocurrency trading for many years, but in reality, they were only formed in February 2020. They are based in Canada and have even provided registration details. However, they are not registered with any regulatory authority and so they do not have the legal permission to provide financial services. This the first sign that you are dealing with a risky company. You can contact them via phone at: +44 7723 716339. They also have an email address: SUPPORT@QUICKTRADEOPTION.COM. They claim to have an excellent support system and that they respond promptly. They have provided a Canadian address: CANADA LOCATION: 1 FRONT ST W, TORONTO, ON M5J 2X6, CANADA, even though they are registered in the UK. You can visit the website at: https://www.quicktradeoption.com/.

Quick Trade Option Review

The website of Quick Trade Option has been designed quite professionally which may attract inexperienced investors. However, real investors will look at the actual return that they are offering and their legitimacy. They offer 4 investment plans with the minimum investment of $250 and a 50% return after 7 Days. The highest investment plan offers as much as 85% return after a week. All these plans have profit margins that are impossible to achieve, so it is unclear how they plan on earning their profits. They claim to offer withdrawals within 1 hour. However, this cannot be verified either as customers have complained about withdrawals. There is no information on how the investor is supposed to withdraw their profits either.


The investment strategy of Quick Trade Option is not disclosed. They do claim to have excellent investment options and a special team, but they don’t provide any real information or trading strategy. Cryptocurrency trading is a volatile industry, so a good strategy will not even guarantee a consistent return. However, this site actually offers to double your money every 2 weeks. Before you think of investing in this site, you should keep in mind that they do not have any real trading strategy, so there is no guarantee of a positive return.


  • Company: Quick Trade Option
  • Product: Crypto trading
  • Minimum investment: $250
  • Trading strategy: Not Disclosed
  • Trading results: unverified
  • Customer feedback: Negative

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Trading Results

Quick Trade Option have not posted any trading results to prove their actual performance. However, they have provided some payouts which are supposed to give an indication that they are successful in trading. However, none of these payouts can be verified by any third party, so there is no way of knowing whether they are actually trading or not. They should at least have some trading data verified by a third party to show that they are actually performing.

Client Feedback

While they have posted a few positive testimonials on their site, Quick Trade Option does not have much positive customer feedback. They claim to have a satisfied customer base, but all the reviews around the site complain that they are not paying what is mentioned in the plans. In addition to this, they do not provide accurate support to people who have complained which is essentially an easy way to ignore them. This poor feedback indicates that it is not safe to invest in this site, given that all the other factors were also considered.


For a site that promises returns of 50% per week, Quick Trade Option have not provided accurate information. They are not even registered to provide financial services and they have a poor customer feedback as well. Unfortunately, they do not have any trading strategy or verified trading results either, so you will most likely lose you money by investing in this site.

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Quick Trade Option $250 (minimum investment)
  • Price - 20%
  • Strategy - 10%
  • Trading Results - 10%
  • Client Feedback - 10%
  • Customer Support - 30%


They have a seemingly professional website
The company promises a profit as high as 50% within a week


The company is not transparent regarding regulatory details and payment method
They have not shared details of the trading strategy
They do not have verified trading results shared on the website

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