Power Signals Review – Be Aware!

power-signalsPower Signals is a new fully automated binary options trading software promising an 87% winning rate. The developers are claiming that this is the most profitable financial market in the world and you can grab your share today. When you see the words “risk free” and trading in the same sentence you are likely in trouble, I’ll let you know why in my review.

Today I’ll be taking a close look at this auto-trading solution and analyzing what it has to offer the market in my full review.

Power Signals Review

While I understand there has to be a certain level of marketing for any product I take issue with some of the verbiage being utilized by the Power Signals producers. It’s very dangerous to advertise anything in the trading markets as risk free and as far as I’m concerned it should be illegal to do so. Trading is never risk free and while Binary Options is easy to trade, you won’t find any tool that can promise no risk. That’s false and it’s quite irresponsible to even put this thought into the marketplace.

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Bogus Claims


The Power Signals promises are equally as outlandish. They claim to have over 10,000 satisfied traders with an average win rate of 87% on over 500 daily signals. I don’t believe any of these numbers at all. Let’s start with 10,000 traders. The domain for the website was registered 14 days ago, and I’ve never heard of this system once. They would be lucky to have 10 clients, let alone 10,000. Trust me, if there was a product in the binary options market with that many clients I would know about it. I don’t believe that there is one automated binary options robot that’s hit the 10,000 mark yet, and I’m not being skeptical, I’ve seen the numbers.

The Softwarethe-software

The actual Power Signals software is the same software used by OptionBot, Pip365 and iRobot. All systems that have failed. So this is just a rebrand of three failed systems. Thus, we already know what the result is going to be before even signing up. This is a very dangerous program and you should be extremely careful whenever approaching an automated binary options tool.


I don’t see a single reason why you should sign up with the Power Signals software. The developers are clearly lying to us about their winning percentage and the amount of clients signed up. I can’t put faith in this developer and I don’t believe getting involved with liars is smart when dealing with real investments.

If you are looking to find success in binary options I suggest you check out Episode 6 of the Binary Today Podcast. I just posted this up yesterday, it’s 10 minutes long and discusses a new strategy that I’ve been using to ensure that I win more trades. Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you need any help by clicking Ask John at the top of the page.

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