Secret Millionaires Club Review

secret-millionaires-clubSecret Millionaires Club is a binary options software that’s been built to help traders with no experience make money with a hands-free, fully automated system. The developers claim that a complete newbie with no knowledge or experience can make over $1 million using this secret software.

Today  I’ll be reviewing this binary trading solution and letting the Binary Today community understand how it works and if we should get involved.

Secret Millionaires Club Review

The Secret Millionaires club is really no big secret. The system is being promoted by the usual suspects (binary options affiliates marketers) sending us emails every couple of hours to make sure we know that the ‘next big thing’ is here. Like most of these types of promotions there is one big claim. In this case, we are told that the trader behind this software made over $1 million in 6 months and that we should thank our lucky stars that we landed on this page. In the video we are promised that within 10 minutes all of our dreams are finally going to come true. Seems like a bit of an over estimation, but considering this page doesn’t provide any information outside the video I’m forced to watch it.

The narrator of the video on the main page tells us that we’ve probably been sold a pile of junk in the past, but the secret millionaires club is different. He tells us that he has no money making experience at all but he got lucky. He was accepted into a secret club that uses a revolutionary software that runs 100% on autopilot and makes shocking sums of money. Today, he’s going to give us access to this same software. As the video continues we are shown screen shots of a trading account with over $200,000 and a bank account statement with over $1 million. There is no trading proof, or verification that any of these accounts are real, or used this software to achieve the results we see.

I’m not ready to give a final conclusion for the secret millionaires club but I’m leaning to a negative review. The reason for this likely out come is because I’ve seen so many sales videos like these in the past and they always fall flat. They don’t provide us with any strategic analysis and don’t prove to us that they actually know how to trade. In fact, the promoter says he doesn’t know how to trade and that he just got lucky. The story seems far fetched and I prefer results instead of stories in the first place. If you have something you would like to contribute to the review, leave your thoughts below the article now. I look forward to hearing from you.

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