Citidel LTD Investment App Review

citidel-ltd-investment-appCitidel LTD Investment App is a new binary options software that is deeming itself a life-changing opportunity. At the beginning of their video they tell us that experts at international financial agencies recently predicted that this software will have a substantial impact on the U.S. and worldwide economies. I don’t see any proof of this anywhere.

Today I will provide a brief and thoughtful review so the Binary Today readers can make the right consumer decision.

Citidel LTD Review

The Citidel LTD system’s website starts with a promotional video hosted on Vimeo but it doesn’t seem to work very well for me. It’s lagging and it took me a few minutes just to get through one minute of video. The one minute I saw sounded like a motivational self-help book. It was over a minute straight discussing the struggle and hard work that goes into making an entrepreneur successful. I’m not sure what that has to do with this system because it has nothing do with entrepreneurship and is solely built for binary options traders. After trying a different browser I’m able to watch the video without any issues. After the initial few minutes we see a man walk into a boardroom and he tells us that we are going to get access to a millionaire’s software, the blueprint that he used to generate over $144,000 every month for the last five years.

After the Citidel LTD sales pitch from a man in a board room we see a collection of testimonials and an introduction to the creator of the software Kent Grifly. I swear I have seen this same man used in other videos so it’s possible that he is an actor of some sort. As I take a look at the rest of the site I can see that the developers are promising 84%+ accuracy guaranteed and tell us that this system has been in development for over 2 decades. Then we see the social testimonials which show comments from people on Facebook and Twitter. This part always bothers me because I know that these are fake. If you go into Twitter or Facebook you won’t be able to find these people or their comments. Considering Twitter is public there is no way for these tweets all to be hidden from us.

I’m skeptical and won’t be purchasing the Citidel LTD Investment App until I hear more from the community. If you have used this system or you just want to let me know your thoughts on it then please leave a comment below. If you just want some personal help in the binary options market then click Ask John at the top of the page and shoot me an email. Either way, I look forward to hearing from you.

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