Binary Clone

binary-cloneBinary clone is a new binary options trading software built to allow traders to copy the top professionals. They are telling potential buyers with their method traders can consistently generate up to 100% return on investment doubling your money every 7 days.

Today I’ll be taking a close look in my latest review and letting you know if you can actually double your money in 7 days with this system.

Binary Clone Review

Normally when we deal with cloning were talking about sheep or human body parts but in this case we are talking about a product called binary clone. The people behind the software claim that they are professional trader that provides trades for this product has generated hundred and 12% of profits over the last 7 days within 91.27% ITM ratio. As I research more about the system the developers start show us trades from this professional with payouts of nearly $1500 per trade.

Like most binary options websites the binary clone leaves a lot to be desired. Considering the software just hit the market hours ago I don’t believe there claim that their members made over $52 million this week. The concept for this software this consistent, they create a virtual clone of a high-performing trader that auto trades for you. They believe the advantage of having a human provide signals is that they’ll be able to react to market news and erratic market movements. Sadly, the video on this page is the only place where we can get any information about this binary system. This is bad news because the video provides us with no real discussion of strategy or actual trading proof and those of really the only 2 things that I look for in every investment that I take.

Today I won’t be recommending the binary clone system for the reasons I mentioned above. Before I make a real investment I need more information than this developer is providing. They can tell me that the system works really well and show me screenshots alongside testimonials that this isn’t the type of information that I’m looking for. I don’t believe that this system made anyone $52 million this week and with that being said if you have something you would like to add to this review please get the ball rolling now. I appreciate the time you spend here at binary today and hope that if you ever need any help that you send me a personal email.

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