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cash volumeCash volume is a new binary options system that is being provided for free. Yes I know I’m starting to begin to sound like a broken record and this is the third free binary options system that I am reviewing today.

This part of the page will act as a review and an area for the binary today readers to leave their feedback for

Cash Volume Review

The binary options market is being taken over by systems like cash volume. Every single day I receive at least one email telling me to go to a page. When I go to that page I see a video that is eerily similar to the video I saw the day before. All the video does is try to get me to put my email in and then it takes me to this next page where I can use their free software. Sounds great right? Well it’s not.

Systems like cash volume over the past few months has started to pop up all over the place. My assumption is now that there are actually people out there that want the free software bad enough that they are willing to deposit with the recommended broker. When I say recommended broker in these cases I mean the mandatory broker, you have no choice but to use their broker. In doing so the developer of the cash volume system will then get a commission which is larger than they would probably charge for their product in the first place. This is the reason why they give it away free.

Now I don’t like the backhanded nature of cash volume or any of these free systems but what I really don’t like is that they’ve all been unsuccessful. If these systems were coming out and they were very good then I wouldn’t have much of a beef. But the problem is they are all trading badly so people are putting in their money with these brokers and then they are losing it all using this free software that’s supposed to be great.

To me cash volume in the rest of these free binary options systems need to be rid from the market. I hope this trend doesn’t go on for too long and I hope that you don’t fall for one of these websites so try and avoid them as best you can. If you have something you would like to contribute please let me know your thoughts and opinions on cash volume below.



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