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Published on December 28th, 2014 | by John Kane


John Anthony Signals Review

john anthony signalsJohn Anthony Signals is a binary options trading signal service. John believes that he has the ability to tell you the right asset to trade, when to trade it and over what time period. At $99 per month these signals don’t come cheap so it’s important we have all the details.

Today I will be providing a review and letting the binary today readers get a closer look at what the community thinks about this service.

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John Anthony Signals Review

Despite ranking well on Google the John Anthony signals service has very little actual community feedback. I’m really hoping that this page here today will act as a place for traders that use the signals to give honest feedback. John claims to provide 13 signals per day with an average win rate of 71% and over 2300 total members. If 2300 people are actually using the signal service John would be making nearly $230,000 a month in subscriptions, I find that very difficult to believe considering I’ve never even heard of them and I receive emails daily from traders asking me to review new systems.


Can any traders with John verify these?


The trading results on the John Anthony signals website seem up-to-date as they show trades up until a few days ago before Christmas holidays. I imagine he is been taking a holiday break as well. In this small sample size we see very impressive results. It provides 2 types of signals for the traders using this service. The filter binary options signals which are more reliable and the high risk binary options signals. There’s anywhere between 20 to 50 high risk signals per day so even without trying them I would suggest to avoid these.

I will not be providing a recommendation for John Anthony signals at this point in time. I would really like to hear some feedback from actual users of this signal service. With over 2300 members like he claims it should be very difficult to find someone that used it. So if you have please leave a comment below and let me know your experiences, they will go a long way into deciding whether or not I recommend this software to the binary today community. Thank you for coming to this review today and I hope that you stick around and check out the rest of my website and what I have to offer.

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15 Responses to John Anthony Signals Review

  1. Piotr says:

    Hello Mr.John

  2. Paul says:

    I had JA for one month. The main issue with this service is that it works on an “IF” factor, which I was not at all aware of. When a signal comes in, you are given a strike price. This strike price come in about 15 min before the desired expiration. You are supposed to take the trade when this signal reached this desired price. The problem is, many times this desired strike price never actually reaches the level. JA will still classify this as a win. Example. Let’s say that you receive a signal for GBP/USD to go down when the strike rate hits 1.5888…(Upon receiving the signal the current price is 1.5870) 15 min later when the JA timer expires the rate price is 1.5874. They will mark this as a WIN even if the strike rate never comes close to the 1.5888. But because the timer expires below the ‘estimated’ strike price..It’s a win. I asked customer service about this, they said maybe its my broker. I compared their prices with TOS and they costomer service said that they can’t control what other chats show. Over all, I had a fairly poor experience with them and would not go back to them. These prices are just an example on how the service works. Not a real trade. They did have some ITM trades, but over all I do not trust the service.

  3. Richard says:

    I’ve been a subscriber to John Anthony Signals for over 6 months. I’ve also seen some irregularities with disappearing signals when there are warning banners saying that testing is going on. Other than that it usually seems to run normally without any irregularities. I’ve only demo traded the signals using the CTOption platform. The charting on the CT platform is good enough that you can the price changes to within a few seconds. The demo trades are showing that the signals are usually very accurate. The algorithms that JAS are using appear to be based on reversals. Sometimes you can get in the trades at the strike price or better, and sometime the price moves so quickly that by the time that you enter the trade the market has passed the strike price and your entry is out of the money. I just lost two trades that came at the same time that I entered at 30 seconds and 40 seconds from when the signal was issued at the strike price. Both trades closed in the money by 5 points and 21 points, and showed up as winners at JAS. The market was only at the strike price for 1 or 2 seconds right at the signals were issued, and then immediately reversed and went out of the money. On those two trades it would have been impossible to enter them in the money as fast as the market reversed. There are a lot of trades that you can enter in the money, either when the signal is issued or if you wait for the market to move back in the money after the signal is issued. I’d say that it’s a legitimate signal provider that if you stick with ITM entries and trade with a broker that doesn’t manipulate the platform, that over time it should be profitable.

  4. Net says:

    JA signals ARE A SCAM!!!

    I signed up for the signal service because of the high win rate. SCAM!!! I watched signals come on the screen and LOSERS WERE DELETED!!!

    When I questioned JA he stated that they were running tests. If you are running tests you should close down the website or alert members.

    So I waited…

    It kept happening.

    So I waited a week…

    Still happening.

    I asked for a refund… I was denied.


  5. tom says:

    Hello, I’m confused if it’s good or bad? I like nadex..where you can get far ITM STRIKES that you pay more for. But Can increase win % and you can get out when you want. Anyone use nadex?

  6. Frank says:

    I have used the signals in the early beginning of the service and realized, that the number of displayed clients makes no difference between paying and testing (not paying) clients. In other words, one time registered, your user is always counted to the total number of clients. We can only guess, who many of them are paying.

    I recognized that the signals are working only during smooth trading times because the system is based fully on the classic high/low Reverse trading, the expiry is never longer than 60 Minutes. That is the reason that a couple of times during the day the signal table displays the status message “new staus: PROTECTION MODE: Heavy Economic Data – Signals Paused” until it says: “new status: Status: System Running As Normal – Expect Signals Anytime Soon” and you can expect more signals. Sometimes I got the impression, that the “Paused” message appeared probably too late because before all or most of the displayed signals ended in “lost” the “Paused” message appeared.

    For beginner J A is offering no training, the main message is always: follow our signals. But how can beginner mange their trades by using different indicators if there is obviously no expected reverse?

    It is very hard to hit the displayed quote because there are time frames in the morning after the APAC stock markets are opening, when no broker (I have checked 24O, BdB, OF, Cherry, Bee, Interactive Option and BOSS) is providing the assets for the related signals, or the given expiry does not fit. You have to wait until the European stock market is starting to trade all signals. Therefore it is a kind of “luck” to approach to about 60%. And you really have to trade all signals to avoid, that by bad luck you just took the bad ones, then your quote could be even <50%.

  7. Robert Wheelaghan says:

    Hi everyone i used J A signals for 1 month unfortunately am unable to give an accurate review owing to the fact i work full time i also live i QLD AUSTRALIA (time differences) but the main point is you need to sit at your computer hour after waiting for signals.With around 17 signals in a 24 hour period it can be a long time between drinks!!
    But J A seems to be a very honest operator totally genuine. In my case,i would need to be fully retired from work to take advantage.
    Cheers guys Robert.

  8. Paul says:

    Robert is quite right – John Anthony Signals is one of the few genuine services (I have tried many and most are either rubbish or third rate). Having started in binaries (and forex) three years ago and unable (at the time) to find a signals service I could trust (or follow – not every signals service is rubbish – my application of signals was rubbish in the early days 🙂 ), I decided i needed to learn to trade properly (I would advise everyone to learn to trade – I found forex easier; if you learn to trade binaries effectively then you have it cracked – forex will be relatively easy for you). I have a day job, so rely on a signals service to place trades during the day. John Anthony’s signals are accurate. As James says he does signal a lot of minor pairs (so you have to use a broker such as 24Option that proves these instruments). As with everything in life, there are downsides – there are irritating times when perhaps 5-6 signals come together and you cannot possibly enter more than two, you have no sense as to when a trade might come in (but you can watch the majors and see when price has moved to an extreme extent – his signals tend to be of the type that alert extremes of movement which are highly likely to correct) and you have to be sitting at your computer to take the trades but his broker feed is very close to those of 24Option, Titantrade, Topoption BancdeB, MT4 and Thinkorswim (yes, I have checked and are generally within 5-7 pips – you have to gauge how far your price is from his feed price to get used to entering a trade safely. I have found that London/NY overlap is best (>75% ITM); late at night (I am in London) not so good (so less suitable perhaps for American/Canadian traders). He used to have low and high risk signals (low risk best during daytime Europe, high risk best late US/ASian sessions but they have been – sadly to my mind – incorporated into one now). But if you follow (especially the 0900-1800GMT) signals and react rapidly, and ensure that you enter as soon after the signal as possible (and never farther away than about 10pips from the strike price) I have found that, in general these signals (especially the longer term ones – 30m-1h) are very accurate and will generally move quite a distance, giving you a margin of safety if you had trouble getting a trade in in the first couple of minutes or so. If you are fast enough to be able to combine with some basic chart analysis (ie spiking price supported by RSI/Stoch/fast MACD reversal signals especially if at a significant support/resistance or Fib levels) then they will be even more accurate. That said if you simply take the signal as it comes – you WILL make money. I would say (as usual) demo first until you are fully comfortable about identifying the asset, strike price, expiry because you do have to move fast. A rarity in the world of binary options – an honest operator.

  9. Miguel says:

    I really want to try. but before i am searching to get more information. i need more information.

  10. James says:

    I used these signals and it is a very clever scam. Let me explain:
    – Majority of the signals are for minor pairs, that you cannot get the trades on.
    – The ‘entry’ price is usually not available and is ‘padded’ with a margin on it. For example, JAsignals will say that a trade is available for 12:08 for EUR/USD going up price 1.34914. But this price will never be reached at the broker!
    If you remove the minor pairs that the trades are not available on anyway, and look at only trades where you do receive the price point mentioned, you will see the ITM rate is much lower – like 55-60% maybe.
    I even looked at the last 3 months of trades, and manually calculated that EVEN if we believed JA’s own numbers, the win rate is less than 65%. That even would be good, but like I said, in reality on TRUE trades available, the win rate is MUCH lower!!

    So it’s not the type of scam that you usually find – it does give signals, and it does have a pretty members area, but on real trades that can be taken, the numbers are just not what they claim!

    • Robert Williams says:

      James, the signals are not a scam. Yes, he does have signals on major and minor pairs. That’s why you have to chose a broker that trades those pairs. Now as far the signals being padded. If you get signal from the service, common sense tells you either wait to you get a better market price or take the signal as given.

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