Noble Fund: Should You be Concerned? claims to be an investment company that has been officially registered with the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It handles investments ranging from small scale to large scale enterprises, offers cryptocurrency trading and mining. They encourage the website viewers with an attractive slogan “SUCCESS BEGINS WITH NOBLEFUND.NET”.

The address of the company given leads to an office lease building in Tokyo, whereas after searching a lot about the identity of developers, it was found to be restricted. Following are the contact details available on the website:

  • Address: Roppongi Hills North Tower, 6-2-31 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0032
  • E-mail:
  • Skype:

It has been mentioned on the website that they have been functional for nine months; this does match the development date of the website which 12-6-2019.

Noble Fund Review

It is a little hard to comment promptly about how legit the website is because of the vague and generalized data provided by the website. No signs of aggressive marketing or persuasiveness can be seen except for the affiliate marketing that offers 4%, 1%, and 0.5% shares for any reference that you bring to the website on their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd transaction respectively. seems to be portraying its professionalism by sharing the aims of the company that allegedly are making real business happen, high-interest rates, operational support, licensed script, data protection, and an efficient automated system.

The website also claims to have bitcoin mining farms and provides automated trading bots, which raises a red flag instantly. The fact that no solid data has been provided regarding what the website does or how it helps you manage your investments, it shares with you blurred details claiming to have contributed more than 5 billion dollars to trading Tokyo Stock Exchange which is a rather large amount to back up against functionality of only 9 months.


Just like the absence of a crisp product description and further relevant details about the website, the strategy which they adopt is also quite ambiguous. Other than opening an account with the website, that shall allow you to access make trades, everything else is in the dark.

The registration process gives you an option of choosing one out of four types of investment plans:

  • Accumulative Plan:  Deposit of $250-$500,000, promising about 8% daily returns for about 25 days,
  • Accumulative+ Plan: Deposit of $2500-$5,000,000, promising about 11% of daily returns for 25 days,
  • Gold Plan: Deposit of $50,000-$5,000,000. This plans go above and beyond in lofty return promises…and allegedly shares a 950% return after 20 days,
  • Diamond Plan: Deposit of $70,000-$500,000,000. With this plan the website owners are promising an extravagantly high return of 9500% after just 20 days. This definitely raises a lot of suspicion and questions regarding how they are going to make this happen.

For a website that asks you to deposit such huge sums of money, no presence of a demo version makes you ask a few questions. It gives no assurance of safeguarding your money. And the claims to have generated more than $5 Billion seem to be a rather absurd figure when the website has only been visited 118 times since its commencement according to some third party reviewers.


Here are some of the basic information details about the website that you may need to know in order to further evaluate this company:

  • Located: Tokyo (Mentioned), Panama (Registered).
  • Founded: 2019
  • Strategy: Not disclosed
  • Trading Results: Unavailable
  • Price: Different Investment plans start from $250-$50,000,000.

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Trading Results

The “Project Statistics” section of the website is where the trading results should have been present and it shows the names of Recent User Deposits and Recent Payments, which is quite fishy. The deposits and payments shown in these statistics have no further verification or details that may corroborate their authenticity.

Not only is the website hiding verifiable trading results to viewers but it is also keeping the actual trading strategy a secret, so the user has a lot of ambiguity to deal with. The website claims to provide you with a profit of over 200% percent on your basic investment over one day and exceeding 500% for 17 days without disclosing any information on how.

Client Feedback

There are no reviews to be found about the website on Google, or any other well-known website for cryptocurrency trading,. There are some reviews on Safe-Shop and Trustpilot, however, the authenticity of these reviews is quite questionable. Most of the reviews are foggy and some even left incomplete statements, which raises a serious red flag about the legitimacy of the comments.


Although little to no authentic information can be extracted either in favor or against the website, some clear indications to be concerned can be seen. The owners have attempted to mask the dearth of information by a fair degree of visual or design professionalism displayed on the website. Putting it in a comparison matter, an SSL certificate can be found which works in favor. But masking the identity of the owner by a paid service, less than 120 visits so far on the website, no trustworthy reviews available, and the involvement of 3 countries in the set-up raises some serious doubts.

Despite having an SSL certification and portraying a favorable risk index, we recommend for you to keenly make sure the safety of your investment if making any with this website.

Have you been considering to invest with Noble Fund? OR, have you had any experience with this company? If so, we would love to hear from you, share with us in the comments section below…

~ Trade Safely!

Noble Funds $250 (minimum investment)
  • Price - 30%
  • Strategy - 30%
  • Trading Results - 30%
  • Client Feedback - 20%
  • Customer Support - 40%


High profit percentage or returns promised
SSL certificate seems to add a certain degree of security to the users
Several contact options for users to reach out to company support


No explanation related to how the high profit returns would be made possible
Owner or Founder identity has been shrouded in secrecy
No demo account available
You must invest (a minimum of $250) in order to evaluate and that too has no guarantees
Trade results are unverified

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