Easy Money Method

easy-money-methodEasy money method is a new free binary options trading software. The developers of this system claim that it is developed by highly experiences professionals with over 10 years of experience.

In this review I’ll let you know what you can expect and whether or not a healthy dose of skepticism is required.

Easy Money Method Review

The easy money method web site consists of a video and a subscription form that reads “unlock millionaire spot”. I decided to see what their members area is like so I put my information in and went to the next page. Much to my surprise I was redirected to a binary options broker I had never heard of called Master Option. Immediately I am being asked to deposit funds but I don’t see anything here that tells me I’ll be getting anything in return unlike all the other systems like this in the market.

The video that explains the easy money method starts off with screen shots of bank accounts, expensive cars and fancy houses. The developer then goes on to tell us that this is a trader’s once chance to be the boss and call all the shots. The video tell us that this is the first time in the history of the internet that a system has the ability to turn complete losers and turn them into millionaires. I don’t know about you but I’m starting to feel like this is starting to sounds a little too much like a get rich quick scheme. As the video continues the unnamed narrator tells us that he showed this method to 10 people 6 months ago, then we get a bunch of testimonials from these people telling us they are millionaires.

At this point in time I won’t recommend the easy money method. I’m really not sure what system we get here or if we are just supposed to sign up with the master option broker and trade by ourselves. I should probably watch the rest of the video but the lifestyle marketing and poorly acted testimonials is leaving me with very little patience. There is no reason for me to continue this review. If you have something you would like to say please do so now. If you think I’m being to skeptical you can call me out on that. I’m always available so let me know if you need any help by clicking Ask John at the top of the page.

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