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Published on August 28th, 2015 | by John Kane


Steal My System

steal-my-systemSteal my system is a new binary options product that wants traders to stop wasting money. They tell us that they have a $3000 secret that’s free for the next 37 people but underneath the video it says it costs $9.95.

Today I’ll be providing review and doing my best to get down to the bottom of why the developers claim the software is free but still want $10.

Steal My System Review

The steal my system website is a simple black screen with a binary options video and an email subscription form. Like we’ve heard many times in the past the video welcomes us and then says congratulations on finding the secret page. I hate to burst anybody’s bubble here but this is no secret. This product is being marketed and emailed out to the masses, if you ever signed up to a binary options newsletter then you’re probably getting an email about this software. The narrator the video asks traders to think about what they could do with $3000 and then shows a whole bunch of pictures of boats, airplanes and sunny destinations. This is called lifestyle marketing and should be playing a role in real investments.

The developers of this software claim that they found the secret that duplicates $3000 every single day using the steal my system strategy. They are telling traders that this is a money hack and that it’s for your eyes only. I hate that they continue to act like this is some sort of secret all throughout the video. This is bad marketing. They are essentially assuming that the clients they wish to approach is very little intelligence. This is not the way to try and sell a product.

I will not be recommending steal my system to any of the binary today readers. I am just not comfortable giving the binary seal approval to a product that uses lifestyle marketing and lies to us frequently about the secret nature of this website. Developers need to understand that binary options traders are intelligent and are just looking for reliable ways to increase their accounts. Making promises of $3000 a day doesn’t interest us, we want modest claims and consistent outcomes. If there’s something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments and questions below the article now. Thank you for reading my latest review and I hope that it helps you make the right decision.

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Lonnie Arledge
Lonnie Arledge
3 years ago

Thanks for the heads-up!!! I spent the ten bucks and have no intention of making myself miserable by trying to get it back!!! Worth ten bucks for the peace of mind, right!!??…:-)…Anyway, it was so vague I didn’t even know it was binary trading CUZ I always check the reviews before I jump into anything, you are the best and I hope everyone appreciates how many of us you pull back from the precipase!!!! HAHAHA…Anyway thanks again for all your good work!!!…..Thankfully I have 3 guys who are Real Millionaires that Mentor me and the Big Bucks are now within reach!!!! ….Lonnie

Cherry Manasco
Cherry Manasco
4 years ago

This Cherry manasco on the 9th of September 2016 please notified your people to cancel my 5 day member ship since there is no way to get in touch with any of the fake customer services thanks a lot for nothing. I really believe your story shame on you if you only knew who desperate I am and I thought there is some decent people left in this world l you sleep good while me and my kid watch them cut my electric off the 13 have a nice life

4 years ago

Thanks a lot John
There was not a word about the binary character of the program Steal My System…There was some veiled mentioning of the online marketing…It’s not so that I am against binary trading but you need to be prepared for it. It needs intelligence and investment too. Good I decided to google for it.

al desoto
al desoto
4 years ago

steal my system i pad 9.95 i have not here from him or email his name is steven m if he cant help me then send money back to my bank

chantelle riley
chantelle riley
4 years ago

HI ..

I am very very very disappointed with the steal my system program. I bought it and then nothing happens i got promised my money back still heard nothing back. The person i was dealing with was steve and i am thinking of taking this further as no 1 has got back to me about my logins etc and my money back.

Jordan Hightower
Jordan Hightower
5 years ago

Thank you. This was quite helpful

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