The Cobalt Code

the-cobalt-codeThe cobalt code is a new binary options trading software by Grant Stone. According to Stone, his system has made over $1 billion in profits and he already has 23 legally confirmed millionaires using his free binary options system. This product starts off sounding like a get rich quick scheme and it only gets worse the longer you stay on the page.

Today I’ll be doing a quick review because it’s very clear to me that this is a very deceptive binary options product.

The Cobalt Code Review

One of the first things you will noticed about the cobalt code website is that it is catering to your location. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, this website uses a simple script to determine your location and then put your country’s flags all over the webpage. Not only that, Grant Stone thinks he’s more clever than the other developers because he also puts images of the largest banks in your country based on your location as well. If you change your IP address with a VPN or log into a VPS that happens to be in another country you will see a different flag and a different collection of banks.


None of these banks have anything to do with this product.

Why does Grant Stone do this?

Well, this simple trick makes the software see more legitimate than it really is. Grant hopes that if he caters the system to you and your country then you will believe the other claims on the website. The problem is the claims on this website are way too hard to believe.

The Cobalt Code Testimonials

There are 3 testimonials by 3 clients that happen to live in every single country in the world. The first testimonials from Robert Hatfield who says “I’ve never made this much money in my LIFE – thank you so much Grant!” The next is from Frank Lee who says that he’s “making over $15,875 a day” and the last is from Ruth Rough who claims that Grant has saved her life.

While I would love to believe that these cobalt code testimonials are real, there is nothing on this website that can be used to verify their validity. If you look for these people online, you won’t find them, it’s like they’re ghosts. I believe it’s because these people don’t exist, and that they are just fabricated testimonials like usual.


I think it’s obvious to see where I’m leaning when it comes to the cobalt code software. I don’t recommend it. It’s clear to me that Grant Stone is lying to us in a couple of different ways. The testimonials are fake, the results are fake and the entire basis for the website is deceitful. There is nothing professional about this website that indicates that this will be an effective binary options system.

Please let me know you think about the software by leaving your review on the cobalt code below this article now.


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