Regal Wealth Review

regal-wealthRegal Wealth is a new binary options product telling traders they can make over $10,000 today. According to the website there are 60 free member spots available offering traders the opportunity to make over $600 per hour. The system is being presented to us by Michael King and Dominic Ward. I have no experience with either of these developers so little be interesting to see what type of reputation they have in the binary options market.

Today I’ll be providing a review of this service so the binary today readers understand if it’s a serious trading method or not.

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Regal Wealth Review

The regal wealth website is another simple binary options sales page. There’s a video at the top, an email subscription form and a handful of live trades. This live trading area is different from others that I’ve seen because the strike rate prices are actively moving but that doesn’t mean I’m not skeptical. In the table we can see 60 second trades constantly being taken and if you watch it for a while it seems like every single trade is a winner but I don’t believe that these are truly live trades being taken. I can’t prove that they aren’t being taken but the developers can’t prove that they are which is just as important. When I see 60 second expiry times being this successful it’s hard not to be skeptical. 60 second expiry times is as good as gambling if you ask me.

60 second expiry times are a gamble with no longevity.

Michael tells us that he is the founder and CEO of the regal wealth trading group. Despite there being no information online about this service or Michael he tells us that for the past 7 years he been making very rich people even richer. However, now he wants to help of regular people make money to. He gives us a personal guarantee that each and every one of his new 50 members will make at least $10,000 and consistent profits that will keep coming. So many of these products tell us that they’ve accomplished so much and it been around for so long but if you spend 5 minutes doing research there’s absolutely no information about them at all. If Michael was helping people make exorbitant amounts of money for 7 years there would be something written about them online and there is in a word. So are we just being sold a story? It seems that way.

Today I won’t be recommending regal wealth to any of the binary options traders that frequent binary today. I feel that we are being sold the story and not a product. As always, here at binary today we are focused on looking for real investment opportunities not get rich quick schemes. Considering the vast amount of promises and guarantees being made on this webpage with no proof I can’t see this being more than just another scheme. Please let me know what you think about the software by writing your comments and reviews below the article now.


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