Freedom Circle

Freedom-CircleFreedom circle is a new binary options product by Kyle Stanford. Kyle tells us that his software “is a social movement dedicated to helping hard-working people like you escape from the rat race and start enjoying unlimited time and freedom.” The website is full of elaborate promises, the most concerning being the “totally new algorithm that wins trades with 99.8% accuracy.”

Today I will be writing a review and letting you know if these promises have the potential of coming true.

Freedom Circle Review

The freedom circle website is very simple. There is a YouTube video, a short explanation, a few testimonials and frequently asked questions area. I will take a look at each of these sections so that we can know exactly what to expect.

My attention is first drawn to a couple of marketing scripts that bother me. At the top of the page there is an amount of time ticking down before this offer is supposed to expire. Yet, I’ve been sitting at zero minutes for some time and the offer is not expiring. There is also a statement under the video that claims over 300 people in my city joined the freedom circle in the last 21 seconds. Now that’s just ridiculous, especially because I’m in a city with a very small population. This is a blatant lie used for the purpose of marketing the software. Generally, when I see tactics like these the products are always poor performers. I’m starting to get a sneaking suspicion that that’s going to be the case here again.

Freedom Circle Testimonials

There really aren’t any results for us to lean on so I have to analyze the social network freedom Circle testimonials. There are 3 testimonials being provided from Twitter and since this is an open network I’ll be analyzing these closer. One of the testimonials is from @mikewallace, and despite having a male name it’s an image of a woman. She tweeted “I profited $5031.32 yesterday using this software. I used it to pay off my credit card!” However, if you go on Twitter and look up the @mikewallace account you will find only one Tweet and it was from 2008. This is a major problem. We now have the developer and Kyle Stanford that is fabricating testimonials in order to provide proof for his product. This is unacceptable.



I am not recommending freedom circle to the binary today readers at this point in time. It’s clear to me now that the intentions of Kyle Stanford are to take our money at any cost. There is really nothing worth believing on the sales page as it’s a collection of deceptive marketing practices.

If you already signed up with this service I hope that you can get your money out before it’s too late.

Binary options trading isn’t easy but if you have the right tools and impactful binary options software you can win your trades and improve your accounts in an effective way.

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