Only 100 Review

only-100Only 100 is a new binary options software that’s been built to automatically turn $25-$1300 every single day. The developers claim that the software takes 5 minutes to set up and then it is guaranteed to make traders $1300 in less than 24 hours.

Today I’ll be reviewing this software and informing the binary today community on the likelihood that the system can come close to their lofty expectations.

Only 100 Review

Considering the release of binary defender this week is very difficult for me to focus on a system like only 100. It’s so hard for me to take this new system seriously considering what other developers in this market are starting to accomplish. We see here website with a short video and a button that says click here to get access now. That’s the entire page. I don’t see how this developer feels they can compete with the other systems hitting the market because they are light years behind the type of results and overall trading approach a system like binary defender is providing to the market.

Obviously I don’t want this whole review to be about another system but only 100 is not really giving us much in terms of true straightforward information. I decided to take a look at the members area to see if there is any different from the front page and I was quite disappointed. The members area is a simple registration form that takes traders to a binary options broker to open account. I’ve seen this marketing method used hundred times before and sadly it’s never paid off.

Today I won’t be recommending only 100 with systems like binary defender hitting the market and virtually the same time it’s unfair to even compare that two. It’s clear in my review today that the 100 system doesn’t come close to binary defender and what it has to offer the binary options community. There’s becoming a clear separation in developer talent in the binary options market. In the case of this review, this system is very far behind the leaders in this market. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your questions and concerns below. I know I didn’t touch too much on this 100 system but I really don’t think it warrants our attention.

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