Wonder Clicks

wonder-clicksWonder clicks is a new binary options software built for the average person. The developers of this system tell us that over 12,000 people make over $1000 a day just from a simple mouse click in conjunction with their product.

In this review I’ll be providing my opinion on this software and informing the binary today community of what course of action to take.

Wonder Clicks Review

The wonder clicks webpage consists of a YouTube video some testimonials and a frequently asked questions area. Like many binary options trading systems, the video on the front page starts off with a handful of testimonials. Each person shows a trading account that is full of money and tell us that the system has changed their lives. The video is far from unique as we are shown screenshot after screenshot. Like usual though, there is no discussion about binary trading strategy and the presentation is full of fluff.

The developers of the wonder clicks software tell us that the strategy identifies 297 trading opportunities per day on average. When you get a signal you review it and then you execute the trade. I do wonder what kind of strategy could be used here because in all of my personal methods I only get a few signals a day because I use so many filters. I find that the best strategies in any market have a lot of trading rules because the more rules and filters the more specific the strategy is. When a system spits out hundreds of trades a day chart for me to believe that there is any trading rules being followed at all.

I won’t be recommending the wonder clicks software today. This is just because I’ve yet to test it and so I cannot put my name behind it. The system has already been out for a week now and I can’t seem to find any trader comments online. I’m hoping that people who use the software will come to binary today and leave their comments here. If you have use this software please tell me what your experiences like by writing a comment now. Thank you for coming to binary today and I hope that you win some trades and keep looking for more ways to be successful.


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