Profit Trigger Review

profit-triggerProfit trigger is a binary options software that came out some time ago but I recently just stumbled upon the website. Considering the system hit the market nearly a year ago it’s funny to see them advertising that “only a limited number of applicants will be accepted.” I wonder how long this website has been telling people there are only two licenses left.

Today I’ll be providing a quick review because I don’t believe the system will provide us with the profits we are after.

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Profit Trigger Review

The profit trigger website consists of an email subscription form and a YouTube video that’s generated just over 400 hits in over a year. The video itself is very lackluster. We are not told anything about the binary options software they’re trying to promote which is a red flag. Generally, a binary options system with a real strategy will be discussed in detail. Instead, this video just spits out a bunch of different stats about the Forex trading market and that’s not even the right market for this binary options product.

If you scroll down past the video you will see a profit trigger results section. Here the developer tells us that his profit to date is over $1.8 million and we can see daily trades with an impressive winning ratio. I find it very hard to believe that these trades are real because I’ve seen tables like these many times in the past and my results never lineup with the developers. We are promised to make over $1000 on average daily but I really just don’t see that happening. It’s my belief that this is just another fake free binary options software that promises us the world and lets us down very quickly. Considering how long this product has been on the market, if it was truly making anyone money there would be much more than 400 views on their YouTube video and some actual buzz online.

I am not recommending the profit trigger software to any of the binary today readers. I don’t believe that this trading software will help grow your binary options accounts. The developer does a poor job at explaining the binary options strategy behind his system and the fact that this product has no reputation after being on the market for nearly a year speaks volumes. Please let me know you think about the software by leaving a comment below the article now. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you continue to win your trades as we approach the weekend.


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