7 Day Millionaire

7 day millionaire7 day millionaire is another free binary options trading system. The developers that put together this software believe that it has the capabilities of making any trader a millionaire in 7 days. These are very dangerous claims and I don’t believe them for a second.

Today I will be providing a comprehensive review and telling you why I feel this system will not make anyone a millionaire.

7 Day Millionaire Review

I do not have high hopes for the 7 day millionaire software. This trading system follow the exact same template as all the other failed binary options trading systems before it. There is an annoying popup that asks for your email and a video presentation that provides me with nothing but more doubts.  The video presenter puts pressure on the viewer by saying “you just got paid, your mortgage payment is due and your car payment is a week late.” This is what I like to call fear marketing, a tactic used that plays on the viewers fears so they make bad decisions.

There is no real discussion or analysis of the 7 day millionaire system. There are no real results and the page has a handful of fake number generators. We see in the bottom right hand side of the page a number of $65 million that this software generated for it’s members. Considering the software just came out today and the fact that the number is clearly just on a timer proves that this company cannot be trusted.

I will not be recommending 7 day millionaire to any of the binary today readers. This is obviously not a worth while investment because the developers of the system are playing on our emotions and can’t be trusted. Also, the problem that no free system like this has ever provided profit. If you are looking to make earnings in the binary options market, look at the other reviews on my site for products our readers actually use successfully.

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