The Golden Touch

the-golden-touchThe golden touch is a new free automated binary options trading robot. The people that are releasing the software claim that this is the number one secret that traders have been keeping to themselves for years but now they are releasing it to the public.

Today I’ll be providing an exclusive review to let the binary today readers understand whether or not this software has potential.

The Golden Touch Review

Just like the other free binary options systems in this market the Golden touch provides us with a video and an email subscription form on their front page. This video takes a different approach in marketing their automated solution. The developers take a much softer angle and try to win us over by playing good cop. The video talks about how they are very tired of the other marketers in this community because they are always rushing people and making extremely large claims without pulling through.

While I like the approach of the Golden touch there are definitely similarities in their marketing methods as well. While they seem warm and fuzzy there is still no real proof that they are software works and no discussion about the binary options strategy behind the system. Without these 2 things I just can’t see myself depositing money are getting involved.

Today I’m not going to give a recommendation either way about the Golden touch software. I believe that it’s too early for me to judge the system and it’s really too early for any of us to get involved with. As the system has just come out, we might as well wait and see how it goes over the next few weeks or months and then we could come to a conclusion. Let’s not be the first ones to get her hands caught in the cookie jar here, let’s be patient and revisit this page and a couple of months and see how people of been doing. If you something you would like to add to the review please leave your comments and concerns below the article now. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope this review has been useful to you. Yesterday I put out my first podcast episode so please go check that out and give me your thoughts.

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