Instant Cash Club – 10K Per Day

instant-cash-clubInstant Cash Club is a new binary options trading software promising traders over $10,000 a day. The producer of this product is Thomas Jordans and he wants to give his auto trader to the public for free. Another alias with two first names, how fitting. Over the past month I’ve noticed that every product being promoted is by someone who has two first names. It seems as though the developers are too lazy to come up with a fake last name.

Today I’ll be providing a review and looking closely at what this product has to offer.

Instant Cash Club Review

cash-club-software-in-actionMy first impression isn’t very good. The website consists of a slimy YouTube video, an email subscription form and a chart that supposed to show us live winning trades but isn’t believable at all. The chart shows winning trades coming in every 5-20 seconds. The prices are never shown, and that’s a basic trick used by developers that are showing fake results like these. This table of trades is likely a simple script that generates random payout amounts and picks from a selection of assets. There is no actual trading going on here. The software in action section is unrealistic, and fake.

Video Review

Jim Robinson

jim-robinsonThe narrator in the video is Jim Robinson but that’s not his name either. This same actor was used by the developers of Altronix just over half a year ago. You guessed it, that binary options software also failed as well.

After spending little over 15 minutes on this website I have lost all excitement. I’m not sure why these binary options product developers cut so many corners and assume that we will believe their lies. This market would be much better off without any of them.

Trading Results

The longer I stay on the Instant Cash Club sales page, the more discouraged I am. In the sales video we are introduced to Linda Watson, a new client of theirs. As an example, Jim Robinson has her set up an account with $250 and then 24 hours it earned nearly $11,000 in profit.


The problem here is that when Jim is showing us the results the chart is the exact same. So, even though the time is passing and the profits are growing the chart never changes. That’s because the results are fake and they are showing us a photo-shopped image.


There is no reason for anyone to sign up with the Instant Cash Club. This software is clearly a bad decision in the making. The people behind the system are trying to deceive us at every turn. They show us fake results, claim their system is on the app store when it isn’t and lie about their identities. There isn’t anything about this sales presentation that I can trust.

If you are looking for a binary options strategy that you can trust I recommend that you check out my latest free download, the Binary Today Booster. This software in conjunction with Binary5 and Binary Today Trader is having a great impact on my personal accounts.


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