Altronix Binary App Review

altronix binary appAltronix Binary App is a new trading system by Frank Saunders. According to the producers of this software traders can retire in 90 days just by using this application and tapping into secret wall street rumors.

Today I’ll review this software so you know if it’s trustworthy.

Altronix Binary App Review

This review is not about the Altronix low voltage electronics and power solutions, it’s about a binary options product. Although I have to ask, why would Frank Saunders not google his product name before putting it out? There’s clearly another brand with this exact same name and it doesn’t relate to binary options at all. Definitely a misstep.

The website consists of a 22 minute video, an email subscription form, testimonials and a frequently asked questions area. The video starts off with Frank telling us that he’s going to make an offer that wall street doesn’t want you to accept. He says that if you go with him you will eliminate many of their jobs along with their power. I find this very difficult to believe, because binary options and the Altronix Binary App doesn’t really have much of an influence on wall street at all. We aren’t buying and selling stocks in this market, we are essentially just wagering funds on if the market is going to go in a specific direction. We aren’t buying stocks, which makes the sales video quite odd.

Frank tells us that with the Altronix Binary App and the information he’s going to give us for free that we’ll have the ability to bring in millions of dollars year after year in the blink of an eye. The video continues to tell us how much money we will make and how easy it will be but never gets into any specifics details as to how. Outside of the video, we can see there are a bunch of news clippings from Bloomberg, CNNMoney and TNW but when I try and find these online they don’t exist. It looks like their media presence is being fabricated.

I won’t be recommending the Altronix Binary App to you today. This seems to be just like all the other autotrading binary options systems on the market. Promising traders the world but never fulfilling. If you have something you would like to add please leave your review below the article. As always, make sure you check the binary options software ratings before you get involved with a system. Thanks for stopping in.

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