Indigo Coin Review: All You Need to Know!

Indigo Coin is a cryptocurrency mining platform that provides investment options for people looking to mine cryptocurrencies. They offer virtual mining services that are based on external mining rigs which mine cryptocurrency coins. They offer a variety of different crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Dodge, Litecoin and more. With this site, you can allegedly earn up to 8% profit per day on your investment based on the amount of cryptocurrency that gets mined every day. You can choose to withdraw your profits in the coin that you have invested in. The site is basically a cloud mining platform, so they target beginner investors as well as you dint need much experience to invest in cloud mining. With this model, you may have to buy a certain hash power from their external mining rig. In exchange, they offer you a fixed return on the amount you invested. However, there are many things that they do not address, such as how much mining power they are using and the variation in crypto mining. They also do not discuss their exact mining strategy or how they plan on making consistent returns when mining profits usually diminish over time.

Indigo Coin claims to be founded in 2014, although there is no proof of this. The website was only registered in April 2020, so how were they offering services before that? This is the first red flag regarding this site. They claim to be based in Australia and have provided a physical address at: 111 Henry Street, Level 3-4 Penrith NSW 2750. However, this address cannot be verified. The company is not registered with the Australian regulatory authorities, or any other regulatory authority for that matter. You can contact them via phone at: +02 4721 5011. However, they have not provided any email address and so you have to fill in the contact form on the website if you want to send them a query. The site’s address is

Indigo Coin Review

When you go onto the Indigo Coin website, you will notice that they emphasize the fact that they have advanced mining farms. They also promote their site by offering 500 Gh/s upon registration. When you look at their plans, you will notice that have an option that requires no deposit. This means that you will basically get free mining space. However, this cannot be proved by any investor that has used this site. The expected returns start from 2% per hour and goes up to 8% per hour. This is certainly impossible as you will see your money double almost every day. It will make you a millionaire in less than a month! This is the second red flag for any investor looking to buy their plans.


Indigo Coin is basically a cryptocurrency, cloud based mining platform. They supposedly have large “mining farms” that are comprised of different connected CPUs that work to generate hash power. This process is used in mining cryptocurrencies. They are also specialized miners that can be used. However, Indigo Coin does not specify which mining strategy they are using. The claimed returns of 8% are impossible to achieve, even with the most advanced mining machines, so it is unclear how they plan on making the profits.


  • Company: Indigo Coin
  • Product: Cloud mining
  • Minimum investment: $3
  • Trading strategy: Unknown
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Customer Feedback: Negative

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Trading Results

This site is a mining platform that offers cloud based mining services, they are supposed to have some mining results that prove their transactions. Unlike with trading, cryptocurrency mining is easy to verify as each successful coin that is mined can be verified. While Indigo Coin has provided some mining results, they have not verified its authenticity. In addition to this, the results posted on their website do not reflect the claims that they make with regards to their mining profits. This is just another reason why it is difficult to believe that this site is actually offering legitimate services.

Client Feedback

If you look at the independent reviews of Indigo Coin on Trust Pilot and other review sites, you will notice that they have a very low customer satisfaction rate. Customers are claiming that they do not pay off any profits and they keep the initial investment as well. Many other customers claim that they constantly request for more investment and refuse to transfer their funds. This poor customer feedback also points to the fact that Indigo Coin might not be legitimate.


Indigo Coin does not seem to be a legitimate site. They provide wrong information regarding their registration and how long they’ve been in business. In addition to this, they do not provide accurate contact information and do not reveal investor’s profits. Besides, the profit margins that they claim to achieve is simply impossible with crypto mining. You should always try a reliable trading site and be very cautious when investing your money in this niche.

If you have had any experience with this company, we would love to hear from you. So, share with us in the comments section below.

Indigo Coin $3 (minimum investment)
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 30%
  • Trading Results - 30%
  • Client Feedback - 20%
  • Customer Support - 20%


They are promising 8% returns on investments
They seem to be offering easy solutions to new traders


They seem to have provided wrong information about their registration
There is limited contact information
The promised profit margins are way too high and seem unrealistic

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