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zeus-2Zeus 2 is a binary options product by Matthew Harrison. Harrison calls himself Mr. Midas and tells us that he’s the CEO of Zeus Investments, a firm worth millions of dollars. The reason for his nickname is because he always shares his success with other traders on Wall Street. Historically, Wall Street traders that release products in the binary options market fail miserably.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if this time is going to be any different or if the failing theme will remain consistent.

Zeus 2 Review

To start, the Zeus 2 sales page is nothing different than we’re used to at all. There is a YouTube video with only 99 views, an email subscription form, a couple testimonials and some trust verified buttons. A lot of developers use these buttons to make their software come across as more private, secure and legitimate. Yet, in this case the buttons are not real at all. These are clearly images being used because the dates on the buttons are incorrect and a different developer used these exact buttons with these exact same dates just a couple of weeks ago.

It’s very difficult to take Matthew Harrison seriously when he is using deceitful marketing practices. Do us all a favor, and don’t use trusted verified buttons unless you are actually a member.

Video Review

Matthew Harrison

matthew-harrisonAs a dig deeper into the Zeus 2 developer, I’m finding some disturbing evidence about his existence. I reviewed a product called the Azure Method back in May, and I recognized Harrison’s face. Yet, for this product his name was different. Thus, he is likely an actor playing a fictitious character in a story.

This is very dangerous.

While the traders in the binary options market are looking for real investment opportunities there are developers like these that are creating stories so we buy their products. I wouldn’t have a huge issue with a fake story to sell a product if there were some actual trading results or strategic proof but there isn’t. The only element they are using to push their product is the story and the story is 100% fabricated. Honestly, I really don’t see who would sign up for binary options software based on nothing but a story anyways. Always look for proof, it’s the only way.


I see no real reason why we would invest our money with Zeus 2. The developer of the system isn’t being honest with who he is and there are absolutely no trading results that we can trust. The website is full of deceitful marketing tactics and the story about Matthew Harrison the Wall Street trader is absolutely false.

Today I’ll be putting together my latest income report so I recommend that you check that out here. In these reports I show you real trading results and offer a place for constructive criticism and community response. Thanks for stopping by please leave a comment if you have anything you would like to add.

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