The Private Society

the-private-societyThe private society is a binary options software that’s telling traders they can get paid $12,000 today just for watching a short video. We’ve seen claims like this in the past so I find it very hard to believe that this company is truly giving away $12,000.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting everyone here at binary today understand the pros and the cons of this new software.

The Private Society Review

The private society webpage consists of a binary options video, an email subscription form and a couple of counters that tell us how many people are watching the video and how many free copies are left. Like usual, if you refresh the webpage these counters will start at the beginning again so they are not actually real. Now, I’m going to try and watch this video to see if I can get paid $12,000 as they’ve promised, I’m not holding my breath.

The narrator in the video tells us that I only have to watch the private society video for 2 minutes in order to get this $12,000. The video goes on to tell us that the software is free and is guaranteed to make $15,500 every single day. He tells traders that they can be millionaires overnight in just 2 months time. We are then showed pictures of fancy cars, boats and houses. I’m now 2 minutes and the video and I still don’t have $2000, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

At this point in time I cannot recommend the private society binary options software. The strategy is not discussed at all of the sales page and the developer of the video tells us that he’s going to give us $12,000 but he never does. It’s very difficult for me to trust vendors that make claims like this and don’t follow through. Why would I want to purchase the software from someone who is already letting me down. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments and questions below the article. I appreciate every reader here on binary today so if you ever need help click ask John and send me a personal email.

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