Insider Wealth Secret

insder-wealth-secretInsider wealth secret is the latest free binary options software on the market. The team that put together this software claims that they are software is the only verified system making beta testers $3000 per day.

Today I’ll be providing a brief review and letting you know my thoughts and opinions on this free offering.

Insider Wealth Secret Review

It’s funny, not only are these free binary systems like insider wealth secret using the same marketing strategies even their stories are starting to sound alike. I mentioned this in one of my previous reviews when I noticed that every single one of these free binary software solutions are giving beta tester access. I always warn people that the beta testing process is where traders fail. Becoming part of the beta test is extremely high risk because this is the point of testing before product is released. The reason a software or product is in the beta test is because the developers do not feel confident enough to release the product to the market.

fake live stats

Another notable copycat technique used by the insider wealth secret is the use of fake scripts that embellish their live stats or trick you into believing that there is only one copy available. Here you can see a screenshot I’ve taken with a couple of numbers on the screen. Now if you want to see why I believe these are fake all you have to do is refresh the website and all the stats will start right at the beginning again. Also, there is no part of me that believes that this system currently has over 9000 people watching the video, they are just not that special.

Today I will not be recommending the insider wealth secret program because I don’t believe the developers to be trustworthy. There is nothing about this product that tells me it is professional and has potential. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your remarks and comments below the article. I appreciate hearing from you and hope that you have a wonderful weekend. If you ever have anything to ask me please click ask John at the top of your page.

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