Automated Cash App Review

automated-cash-appAutomated cash app is a new binary options software. The developers of this robot are asking traders if they’re sick of all the misguiding systems out there that only show part of the puzzle to making some real cash.

I’m not exactly sure what they mean by misguiding systems because most of the systems of this market don’t misguide, they just lose. Today I’ll be providing a quick review so you know if this is the type of software you should be using in your daily trading.

Automated Cash App Review

The website for the automated cash app is very simple. There is a short video and an email subscription form. In the video the developers ask us if we’d like to access the exact software and rapidly made them over $56,000 in just 60 days on complete autopilot. This is the type of aggressive marketing we often see in the binary options market. From my experiences I’ve found the systems that promise the most usually do nothing but lose. I feel like I’ve seen this video hundred times in the past. They tell us that they use the software to make thousands of dollars and then they tell us that we can put our credit card away because this software is 100% free. Yet, every time we get into the members area we have to register with a binary options broker and pull out a credit card to deposit money.

The automated cash app is not free. Sure you don’t have to pay directly for the system but by depositing money that is paying for the system indirectly. As per usual, the developers of this one say that all traders have to do is be able to point-and-click while following simple instructions to cash in. The video continues on for a while but it never really touches on the important aspects that I want to hear about. I feel like this is probably just another flip a coin system because they never talk about the strategy and they don’t give me the impression that they understand the technical side of binary options trading.

I will not be recommending the automated cash app because of all the reasons that I highlighted above. They are promising too much and afraid they will deliver nothing but losses. If you want to add something to this review please leave a comment below the article now. Thanks for coming to binary today and let’s make sure that we win a bunch of trades this week.

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