Military Millionaire

Military-MillionaireMilitary millionaire is a new binary options software that is telling traders they can make $15,000 today and make hundred thousand dollars every single week guarantee. The developer of this system tells us that he is a Vietnam veteran whose life for the last 43 years has been a living hell.

Today I’ll be providing review and hopefully hearing opinions from the binary today community on the nature of this trading system.

Military Millionaire Review

The military millionaire webpage looks like all the other free binary options systems on the market except that it has a graphic war scene as a background image. There is a video on the left-hand side, a taker that says there’s only one membership spot available and an email subscription form on the right-hand side. I really hope that the people who put together this video are who they say they are. I know that there is a lot of lying in this market and if the person who put together this video is not a real veteran I’m going to be very upset. We need to cherish the people to protect our countries no matter what country we live in, and they should not be used in some sort of marketing story.

The narrator of the military millionaire story tells us that his life was awful for 43 years until May 2014, I assume when he got hooked up with this binary options system. He tells us that he went from being penniless to becoming a millionaire and that you can follow in his footsteps and become a millionaire within 10 weeks from now as well. I’m having a really hard time watching this video because I find myself doubting its legitimacy and so I’m going to stop the review here.

I can’t recommend the military millionaire system at this point in time. I’m going to send them an email to see who this veteran is because I really don’t want to be promoted any system that is taking advantage of a US veteran. I’ll add to this review when I have more information so please wait until I do that before you make your decision. If you have anything you would like to add please leave your questions and comments below the article now. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope that you enjoyed your stay.

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