Social Tech Trader Review

social-tech-traderSocial Tech Trader is a binary options product by Albert and Gilbert Hanson. They want us to believe that their technology will give us the opportunity of making over $6,400 per week. They are offering a free license to a software built to earn $920 per day inside of their VIP network.

Today I’ll review the potential this software has to offer and let you know if you should trust it or move on.

Social Tech Trader Review

The Social Tech Trader promises high profits daily and verified returns. Next to this we see a cell phone with images of current clients making money from this system back at the end of January. Below that there is a small box that seems to simulate live trades. We aren’t shown the price or even the asset being traded so we can’t verify that any of these are real, despite the verified returns claim above. At the top of the chart it says that this system has earned over $800,000 in profit on over 12,000 trades. Yet, when looking at the Won and Lost figures they never seem to update, which is odd considering this is supposed to be live.

At the top of the Social Tech Trader website we see that Fox Business says this is “the most advanced profit making software of our time.” Yet, when I went to Fox Business to verify this there was never any information about this product ever published on the Fox Business web site, you can check for yourself. I also found a discrepancy in the testimonials. There are screen shots from three different traders but every single screen shot shows the exact same date and minute. Which means they likely took a screen shot one time of the broker website and then manipulated it. This is a a huge red flag and immediate grounds for dismissal.

I will not be recommending the Social Tech Trader for the obvious reasons I’ve highlighted in my review. Forged testimonials cannot be trusted and we have to do our best to make sure traders don’t get caught up in schemes like these. I hope you have a wonderful day and that you spend it making money in the binary options market. Let me know what you think by writing a comment below the article now.

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