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secret-algo-botSecret Algo Bot is a new binary options software that is telling traders that “ordinary people just like you are making thousands of dollars every day.” First of all, I really don’t appreciate the assumption by this website developer that I’m an ordinary person. As far as I’m concerned I am extraordinary and I believe that all of the readers here at binary today are just as extraordinary as I am.

Today I’ll be taking a close look at the software so that I can help the binary today community understand what it is and if we should pay any attention to it.

Secret Algo Bot Review

Like most binary options systems the Secret Algo Bot website consists of a short YouTube video and an email subscription form. Considering the software was released July 29th and the main YouTube video on the front page of their website only has 13 views we can make the assumption that this product is not very popular. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad product because I’ve used tools in the past that weren’t always highly publicized in the binary options market. I usually feel it somewhere in the middle, the most hyped products like binary matrix Pro and binary boom that you see all over the Internet failed miserably. The systems that are not advertises aggressively like the top rated system zero binary today are the safest.

The developer of the Secret Algo Bot tells us that he’s going to make traders serious amounts of money. The narrator then shows us images of different bank account statements. The problem with this type of proof is that it literally takes no knowledge and even less time to do a simple Photoshop to create or change the numbers in this type of image. I am not very good with graphics and Photoshop myself because my main focuses trading but I can certainly create an image like this in under 10 minutes of I had to.

Today I won’t be recommending the Secret Algo Bot to the binary today readers. I know I’ve been overly negative lately but it’s important to have a skeptical voice in this market and I relish the opportunity. If you been a binary today reader for a couple of months now you probably realize that out of every 100 articles I write, there’s usually one good product. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it means you have someone on your side weeding out the good the bad and the ugly. Please leave your recommendations and questions about the software below the article now. I hope you enjoy my reviews and that it helps you make better purchasing decisions.


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