Profits Bots Review 2019

Profits BOTS is an automated trading system that claims to help low-income traders generate everyday profits using the affordable packages they offer. The founder of the system has remained anonymous with only the mention of a group of tech guys who claim to be the founders. Profits BOTS boast of an investing AI software that enables trading in online casinos and Forex markets. They also mention plans to have AI software for binary options and crypto exchange. In addition, the trading system claims to earn 20-40% consistent profits on a monthly basis from the two forms of trade. Working with the system guarantees you a passive income at minimal risk. Support is available for any questions and information via

Profits Bots Review

Firstly, following the ease of using automated trading systems, there has been a continuous increase in popularity for these types of trading platforms. This, therefore, has led to the emergence of many companies that claim to be legal and using AI software to trade in both Forex Market and Online Casinos. As a result, scamming people of their hard earned cash has become easier. In this article, we will give insight into this program, and whether or not you should be concerned with it’s viability.

The program is much like many of our other recent reviews:

Refer and Earn

With Profits BOTS, you can earn by referring others to the trading system. For each referral, you earn up to 10% and continue to earn 50% of matching bonuses from all your direct referrals. However, the platform clearly states that you can make money without making any referrals.

Easy to Use Dashboard

The trading platform has ensured their back office is easy to access and use. As such, you can keep track of your performance and earnings, and the earning of your referrals. Similarly, you can easily calculate your matching bonuses to help you manage your finances better and make investment decisions.

Tested Bots

Profits BOTS takes pride in having tested bots, which have proven to have 65% to 75% chance of winning when bets are placed. The trading system, therefore, puts trust in their bots and guarantees customers a faster return of investment rate once they invest.


To trade with the platform, the minimum investment required is $10. In addition, they only deal with. Therefore, if you were thinking of bank accounts, you might need to find another diverse platform. The platform allows withdrawals of money twice a week that is on Tuesday and Friday.

How does it work?

First, the platform is skeptical about how they work. According to the website, Profits BOTS only mentions of choosing the bot which you wish to invest in then depositing your money. Further, it mentions using the back office to keep track of your progress. With such little details of how it works, this raises questions on the reliability of the trading system.

So Is Profits BOTS a Scam?

To start, having mentioned all its best features, this review is based on our investigations in an effort to help you make sound decisions. Profits BOTS has with no doubt showed some red flags that indicate they are a potential scam. They include:

Anonymous Founder

According to the website, the trading platform has no clear information about their CEO or founder. They only mention a group of tech guys who claim to have started the platform. In fact, there is no information on how many guys the group consists of. As such the trading system does not qualify to be called a company and also it creates reasons to doubt it. If they cannot trust you with names, why should you trust them with your money?

Other than that, Profits Bots has no specific countries of operation. Since forex markets and casinos are not legal in all nations, this raises questions on the authenticity of the platform. A legal platform will clearly state their location of operation based on the federal laws of the state.

No History of Trading

Although the platform claims to have win rates of 65%-75%, there are reasons to render these claims as fake. First, there has been no testimonial of anybody who has traded with the platform and won. This is an indication that the trading system does not actually exist.

Digital Platform

The trading system has labeled itself the 21st-century platform to explain why it has no physical offices. As such in case of any unnatural loses, there will be nobody to question since you have nowhere to go. It goes on to show that Profits BOTS is likely a fraud.

Dealing With Very Small Money

One of the ways to lure people into investing in scam trading platforms is setting very minimal amounts of money for investment. With only an investment of $10, they attract desperate investors who rely on their promises of earning a passive income. Moreover, the minimal amount to be withdrawn, $10, also raises alarm. Considering this feature, the system proves to be a potential scam.

Final Verdict

Having exposed both the platform’s pros and cons, they have proved to be a potential scam. Other than the above-mentioned reasons, Profits BOTS comes out as a system in pursuit of money, with no concern for its customers. This is seen on their website where they state that the customers bring money and they bring the software to make money for both parties. A good platform sees beyond the money.

In summary, trading with any AI systems is always a risk. It is unfortunately not the place to trade in.

Profits Bots Deposit
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 35%
  • Results - 21%
  • Client Feedback - 20%
  • Support - 60%


20-40% profit promise


No strategy
No proven results

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