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Published on May 25th, 2017 | by John Kane


Review: MS Management Software

Review: MS Management Software John Kane

Summary: This binary options software is pushed heavily by a network of affiliate sites that only promote scams.


Today I’m reviewing a new binary options product that promises to help traders by taking control of their trading portfolios and put in profits on autopilot, MS Management Software. We have to be especially careful of this trading system because it is promoted by a large group of affiliates that consistently promote scams.

There is no real address for the location of this business, and no insight into the supposed developer Christopher Fernard. For email support traders can contact

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MS Management Software Review

Like most binary options products promoted by this affiliate group, the MS Management Software sales page is full of promises, but doesn’t provide any real substance. The developers attempt to oversimplify the process by telling us that all we have to do is fill out a registration form, use the management software and start making money. They are missing the step where traders have to deposit money. They are also missing key aspects of their software, as they don’t tell us anything about it.

Instead, they give us 5 reasons why we should join.

  • Proven money making track record
  • 5 years’ experience in Forex Trading & Education services
  • We manage your account around the clock
  • Suitable for all account sizes
  • We only profit when you do so it’s in our interest to make sure you are profitable

The problem with this list, is that it’s not backed up with any proof. They tell us that the MS Management Software has a proven moneymaking track record, but they don’t show it to us. If they truly had a trading statement, there would be no viable reason for them to hide it, unless it doesn’t exist. Then, we are told about their experience in the Forex trading and education services market but there is no proof of this either. They don’t have an old website where they provided this education, or any evidence that this fact is truthful.

The entire service comes across like they are just throwing words of the wall and hoping we believe them. This isn’t how it’s supposed to work, they should be proving to us that these facts are real, not just hoping we believe them.

Success Stories

The only proof being put forward by the MS Management Software team is a collection of Facebook pop-ups. According to the sales page, Christopher Fernard is receiving new messages from traders every couple of seconds about how profitable this investment is.

For example, David Lee claims that he is “a new man, I can afford to spend money since I invest on Managment Software. I thank you my best friend Thomas that didn’t forgot about me and sent me the invitatio.”

Yet, if you go on Facebook and try and find to find Christopher’s account, it doesn’t exist. I would give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it’s possible he has a private account, but then how would all of these other people find him? Have to you sign up are you magically given access to his Facebook account? I find that highly unlikely.


There is nothing to suggest that the MS Management Software is a profitable trading system. The sales page consists of nothing but conjecture and hope that traders like myself don’t do actual research before they register with an investment. This service deserves a one star review because it is produced by marketers and not real traders. Real traders know how to discuss their trading strategies and provide the market with a real information. There isn’t a shred of evidence that this trading software is going to win you trades.

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3 years ago

well i lose whole my account i lose all trades automated and onely won 2 tardes

3 years ago

Another unsatisfied costumer!. More OTM than ITM. It seems to be it only works for the promoters.

3 years ago

I have been blown out on a deposit with option robot and lately opened 2 brokers with Ms management and been blown out on both accounts with 40% ITM. I started out from reviews to earn a little extra cash and now can no longer continue down this path with large losses. I can’t understand how we see good reviews in action when all I ever get is the opposite from these softwares etc. Customer support is also non existent with no replys

3 years ago
Reply to  John Kane

So that means.. Ms management is not profitable? Please I really want to know as am afraid to loose fund.

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