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glory-traderGlory Trader is a new binary options product promising to make traders $2,000 today guaranteed. We’ve certainly heard claims like these many times in the past and they never come through so what makes this one any different?

Today I’ll be providing a review for the Binary Today readers and looking to see if anything is different, of it’s the same get rich quick scheme I expect.

Glory Trader Review

The Glory Trader website is full of get rich quick scheme type marketing. We see statements like “double your money in 10 seconds without lifting a finger” and “250 to 2283 in 24 hours.” Claims like these rarely ever lead to trading success. I find developers that talk up their products in this way rarely ever provide us with a winning solution. For results, all we can view is a table that’s titled “our members earnings this week.” Here we see an assortment of different names but each person is making nearly $30,000 in the past 7 days with a winning percentage well over 90%. Yet, there is really no way for us to verify that any of these are real or if this is just a list of names and dollar amounts being shown to us.

The Glory Trader members area doesn’t provide us with any results either. I prefer to see trade by trade results with actual prices so I can verify them myself. Considering this system is promising us thousands of dollars a day, it shouldn’t be hard for them to meet my expectations, but they don’t. Promises of doubling the money in our pockets without doing any work whatsoever is a promise I just can’t get behind. The traders here at Binary Today aren’t scared of a little hard work. They want to put the time in and come out with realistic profits.

Today I will not be recommending the Glory Trader. This system does not meet my expectations. There’s nothing on this web page that suggests that this is a legitimate trading opportunity. Everything is flashy and about making tons of money now. We are never told how the system works and what we should expect from their trading approach. It’s just about doubling our money and making millions but I believe all the marketing bravado is just masking the developers lack of knowledge. If there’s something you would like to add to this review I would appreciate a comment. Thanks for stopping in today.

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