Profetos Review 2020

Profetos trading corporation is a British-founded company focusing on digital assets investments. The company was founded in 2019 under registration number 12029564 in the British registration department for trading companies and enterprises in London. Profetos trading corporation is a holding company in crypto trading with their focus being business processes, digital assets, electronic currency research, and development, as well extraction planning for the participation and launch of crypto space development.

Profetos Review

From Profetos’ official website, the company claims to offer the following:

  • Provision of sustainable and long-term profitability
  • Strengthening the cryptocurrency economy using current knowledge
  • Using appropriate tools to lay emphasis on meritocracy
  • Identifying optimal areas among any attractive opportunities focusing on economic activities

Profetos promises clients some help in investing in cryptocurrencies within a short time even when the clients do not have prior knowledge of economics. Even then, the client is guaranteed to earn profits.

Profetos Investment Plans

Profetos offers various investment plans with up to 1000% returns after 60 days, which is basically 500% per month. Below are the investment plans as seen on their website.

  • Plan 1

In the first plan, the investors can make a minimum deposit of $30 and a maximum of $129. The earnings run for 30 businesses days with profits of 9% every day.

  • Plan 2

The second plan promises investors returns of 60% every week. The minimum deposit is $130 while the maximum deposit is $529. This runs for four weeks.

  • Plan 3

The third plan, which is valid until 28 June 2019, requires a minimum investment of $530 and a maximum of $10000. This one promises earnings of 1000% after the 60 day period.

These type of plans are in line with other crypto programs we’ve recently reviewed like Whales Club,, and World Way Capital.

Affiliate Program

Just like most of such trading platforms, Profetos too has an affiliate program which pays for referrals. They give an opportunity for anyone to share their referral link and earn a bonus. The referrals come in two levels. The first one (level 1) earns one a 7% commission for partners that invite friends and relatives. Level 2 has a 3% commission earned from the participants that you invite as well as the participants that are invited by the people that you invited.


Profetos claims to be using advanced encryption technology to ensure clients’ information remains safe and secure. Only the user can access his or her account using his or her username and password. They are also under DDoS protection. They also claim to use high levels of monitoring and online security technology to ensure that investors’ funds remain secure.

Online Banking Security Levels

Regarding online banking security, the company claims to have put the following measures into place.

SiteLock, AVG Threat Labs Security, and Trustwave Holdings scan their website for any security-related potential issues.
The platform’s official site has the green address bar from True BusinessID, further confirming their authentication levels.
They also claim that Trust Guard verified their business identity as well as their operation documents.

So, Is Profetos, Legit or Just another Scam?

Today, there are so many crypto trading platforms cropping up that sometimes it is difficult to tell what is legit and what is not. Nevertheless, there are many tale-tell signs to help you identify a scam from a distance. Profetos, for instance, has exhibited some of these signs.

The first one is seen in their investment plans. Surely, even their basic investment plan is completely ridiculous. We are talking of 9% every day, which translates to 270% per month. Such figures are unrealistic. Most scams offer such unrealistic returns as a way of luring more traders to invest in them. This is some sought of getting rich quick schemes, and you should stay away from them.

Another indicator of Profetos being a scam is their illegal operations. The company is only a few days old now. However, it does not have authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority to offer investment services. This means that their operations are illegal. You cannot entrust your money on them since they are not protected.

From their website, there is no proof of any economic activity going on behind the scenes. This could mean that they do not trade with the money deposited. This is like a Ponzi scheme where initial deposits are used to honor withdrawal requests initially just to attract more investors. Once they have accumulated enough money from most of the investors, the system collapses. You should stay away from such schemes.

Finally, Profetos has not shown any trading activities to show their success rate. There is proof of any accomplishments. They do not have any testimonials to show that they have actually traded and benefitted the investors.

Our Take

Profetos has not been in the trading scenes for long. It is barely one and a half months old. The initial investors may benefit but this does not mean that it is very safe to invest in them. That said, before you venture into crypto trading on any platform, do it with the mentality that it is not a get rich quick scheme. Invest in what you can comfortably afford to lose.

Profetos Undisclosed
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 48%
  • Results - 61%
  • Feedback - 39%
  • Support - 81%


Big promises


No proof

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