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premium-bot-servicePremium bot service is a new binary options software that was released last week but never got much attention. This developer claims to be different from all the other scams in this market but doesn’t really give us a reason why.

Today I’ll be providing a quick review because this website provide little to no relevant information.

Premium Bot Service Review

The premium bot service leaves a lot to be desired. This website consists of the 3 minute video is not provide us with enough information to make a valid judgment. The first minute video is dedicated to a conversation about the binary options market and how every single system out there is a scam this copy binary options brokers and traders money. They tell us that they are different because their software is developed by a broker and not Internet marketers. In fact, they don’t affiliate themselves with Internet marketers at all and they will not be using any affiliate links to promote the system.

As the video continues on the narrator in the premium bot video continues to try and sell us on their validity and trustworthiness. The hell is the only way traders will ever hear about this system is from authorities in the binary options market, never from spam emails. I heard about it from one of my readers considering this video only has 107 views it doesn’t seem like their marketing efforts are working well. While the video finishes out I am still left with multiple questions. Where are the results and what is the strategy? Like most binary options developers these important questions are never answered.

The premium bot service will not be getting my recommendation today because they did not provide enough information. While they tell us that they are different from every other binary options developer on the market they actually have quite a few similarities. The way they present the system in the video and the fact that there webpage consists of nothing but a subscription form is exactly in line with the type of marketing we see in binary options. If you have something you would like to add to my review please leave your comments below the article now.

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