Phoenix Trading Review

phoenix-tradingPhoenix Trading is a new binary options system by William Johnston, the project coordinator of the Marshall-Sherman group. In doing some quick research I’ve found that there are no results about the Marshall-Sherman group online outside of one review for this product. So while William may be the project coordinator for this group, they have no reputation or impact on the financial landscape.

Today I’ll be reviewing the system so the Binary Today readers have a better understanding of how it works and what we can expect going forward.

Phoenix Trading Review

The Phoenix Trading website is simple. It consists of a video, an email subscription form and a scroll of trader’s faces that have supposedly “just made” hundreds of dollars. William tells us that they are putting together a private, exclusive round of testing that’s just about to begin. According to the video this software has been in development for years in conjunction with some of the leading analysts from the most successful trading firms. I wonder what firms those are. Considering the Marshall-Sherman group has no reputation I wonder why any top financial companies would be interested in working with an unknown entity.

As the video continues William tells us that the Phoenix Trading program will not make traders rich overnight. In the video there is a promise of verifiable, audited results by real users. Considering this market has no way of providing this I find that very difficult to believe. William says that we’ve probably never heard of him or his company but they have played a large role in marketing some of the biggest products that we use today. Again, I am skeptical. Why would this company not even have a web-site? No large brand or product would be interested in working with a company that has no reputation online, it just doesn’t add up.

At this point I’m done with my review of Phoenix Trading. I’m sure you may feel like I’ve cut it short but I just can’t get over the fact that I don’t believe this company exists. I don’t understand why William wants to continue pushing the Marshall-Sherman group when it doesn’t have any reputation or backing anywhere to be found. The video is vague and beats around the bush. It doesn’t provide us with the information we need and that’s the bottom line. If you have something you would like to add to the review now is your time to help. Thanks for coming to Binary Today and have a wonderful start to the week.

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