One Day Wonder: A unique strategy or another scam?

One Day Wonder is another site that deals in cryptocurrency trades and forex trading by providing weekly signals to traders. Unlike other full-time trading platforms, One Dau Wonder is based on a part-time trading strategy. They believe that this allows them to gain more volatility in the market which means higher profitability and more wins. However, this may not be the best option for full-time traders as they only offer signals once a week. If you are willing to trade part-time and don’t mind investing in both cryptocurrency and forex, then this platform may be suitable for you. However, before you create an account on this site, you should look at the various aspects that they use and whether everything is legitimate or not. By reviewing all the information on this site, you will be able to make a better decision. After all, you are investing money in the site and you want to make sure that it will give profits as promised.

One Day Wonder is a US-based company that is based in Florida. They claim to be registered under the name of Easy Trade. The creator of this site is David Drabik. Keep in mind that he had no previous trading history under this name, so it is difficult to verify his expertise. If you want to verify information about this site or get into contact with them, you can email them at Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form on their site. One of the best ways to look at the efficiency of a service is to look at how quickly they respond to your query. If you live in the US or want to talk to them directly, you can phone this number: 239-344-6504. Although they have not mentioned a country code, it’s probably a US number. You can also visit the site at

One Day Wonder Review

As the name suggests, One Day Wonder provides trading signals once a week for a few hours, so you are only guaranteed one profitable trade per week. In order to use their services, you have to create an account. They bill monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on which option you choose. The minimum investment that you can do with this site is $149. However, they are unclear whether this is only the subscription fee, or you will be able to trade with it as well. You will usually get your signals via email and you will have about 15 minutes to start making the trade. This may be a small-time gap, but it can guarantee a certain level of profitability.


While One Day Wonder has certainly made use of a different trading strategy than other trading sites, it is still relatively new, so there are questions regarding the consistency of this site. They make use of weekly trades to try and make a profit in markets with high liquidity. They also claim that trading once a week can guarantee a certain level of profitability and more successful trades. The best thing about this strategy is that you are unlikely to lose often, so you can limit the amount you lose in case of a bad trade. Their strategy is supposed to win 85% of all trades. However, you should still consider whether this strategy has actually produced successful trades in the past or not.


  • Company: One Day Wonder
  • Product: Binary trading platform
  • Minimum investment: $149
  • Trading strategy: Weekly trading
  • Trading results: Positive/unverified
  • Customer Feedback: Mixed

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Trading Results

If you want to verify whether One Day Wonder is actually making a profit, then you can look at the trading results that they have posted for the period 27/07/2018 to 5/10/2018. These results indicate an average win rate of 85%, which is quite high for a binary trading company. However, the only catch is that they have not provided any verification from a third-party service, so we do not know if these results are authentic or not. Without this, it becomes difficult to verify whether their strategy is successful or not.

Client Feedback

If you look at the reviews of One Day Wonder, you’ll notice mixed results. Some users have reported quite high profits, while others have reported significant losses. As they mentioning their disclaimer, the trading results cannot guarantee future performance, so you are essentially trading at your own risk. Based on the mixed results, it becomes difficult to verify whether their strategy is effective as advertised.


One thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to One Day Wonder is that they have a unique trading strategy. However, they have not provided verification details about the registration of their company. They have also not provided verified trading results from any third party.

Have you already used this application? If you have had an experience with this company, we would love to hear from you. So, share with us in the comments section below.

One-Day-Wonder $149
  • Price - 35%
  • Strategy - 35%
  • Trading Results - 27%
  • Client Feedback - 40%
  • Customer Support - 30%


When you look at the trading results you’ll note about 85% win-rate
They are based on part-time trading strategy
They claim that weekly trading happens to be way more profitable


The trading results don’t seem to be verified
It is relatively new in the market

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