New Year Profits Review

new-year-profitsNew year profits is a new binary options product built to help traders make at least $190 per hour. The developers of the software guarantee that their system will make over $4700 in daily profits. There promoting their software as a free Christmas gift, but it’s not really free because you will have to deposit money with a binary options broker to gain access.

Today I will be providing a review so the binary today readers know if this is a worthwhile investment opportunity.

New Year Profits Review

The creator of new year profits tell us that he made over $1.6 million last year using this strategy. This is where he is coming up with all the figures I’ve listed above because in order to make 1.6 million in one year you will have to make $4700 per day and $196 every hour. We are told in the video but the narrator that we are going to be given a gift that will reveal the exact blueprint for creating an online money making machine. The man in the video tells us that there is no way we can lose or fail because his proven system of thousands of dollars going into our accounts every week. Even says that if we don’t make a profit you pair thousand dollars in cash out of his own pocket. We’ve heard developers say that they would pay us hundreds of times in the past and every time the system fails we never get any money from them so don’t expect it this time.

The new year profits website also provides a handful of testimonials from supposing clients that of use the software successfully. One section shows testimonials from traders that a positive comments on Facebook but none of their names are included so I can’t verify that any of these testimonials are true. Below this we can see testimonials from traders attached to their first months profit and whether or not they have trading experience. One of the traders is James Ablin, who had know trading experience in claims to of made over $78,000 in his first month trading the system. It’s really hard to believe.

At this point in time I won’t be providing a recommendation for the new year profits software because I would like to see more from the community first. If you are one of the people that have had great success with this application then I would like to hear from you. Please leave your comments and thoughts below the article so we can start a discussion about the software and come to a final conclusion is a team. If you ever need any help in the binary options market please feel free to send me an email by clicking ask John at the top of the webpage.

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