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lucky-traderLucky Trader is a binary options tool that is promising to make traders over $650,000 every single month. This type of claim can’t be trusted. I don’t want anybody in the binary options market to believe that there is some sort of magic trading software that will turn them into a millionaire in 2 short months. There is nothing in this market or any other market that is going to provide you those capabilities, especially for free with a $300 deposit.

I don’t believe I’ll be doing a long review today because the sales page is short and provides us with nothing to go on.

Lucky Trader Review

The sales pages presents us with the idea that the Lucky Trader system is the perfect application. I really don’t see anything that proves this statement or even attempts to. There is no video and no results. Just a handful of statements and an email subscription form.

We are told that their system is top recommended as the most advanced and profitable auto trader for 2016 by high authority trading sites. Yet, I have never heard of this product whatsoever and the people who put the sales page together don’t even tell us what high authority websites recommend it. Seems like a bit of an oversight don’t you think?


LT Video

The Lucky Trader is a 100% autopilot software that comes with advanced trading tools, charts, news and even a reverse button. Though, we really have no idea what the reverse button is because it isn’t explained. Neither is anything else on this website. This entire sales page comes across like a poorly and quickly thrown together get rich quick scheme. Where other sales pages at least tries to fool us and deceive us, the people behind the Lucky trader system seem too lazy to even try and do that.


I won’t be recommending the Lucky Trader to any binary options trader. Whoever put this system together didn’t care about their sales presentation and so I doubt they care about their product. The fact that this product is promising over $650,000 a month is absolutely asinine. I have no belief that this system will perform well and thus we should certainly be avoiding it.

If you are looking to be successful in the binary options market I suggest that you follow my personal strategy that I’ve highlighted in the binary options 101 guide. Here you can find out the exact systems that I’m using and what brokers I’m using them with. We have a very active community here at binary today so I recommend that you stick around and do some reading. Most of the popular posts all have very active discussions as we search for new ways to make better trades.

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