Auto Income Bot

auto income bot

Auto income bot is a new binary options product that I started to get a few emails about recently. In looking at the website I don’t see very much except for a registration page, a short video and a short sales pitch.

Today I will be providing a review of this software and letting the binary today readers understand what it’s all about.

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Auto Income Bot Review

The auto income bot is a fully automated system. The developer claims that he made over $800,000 in one year and is the selling point for the software. The developer claims at once you have joined and followed the instructions (I imagine this means join their recommended broker) that his team of expert will pick and place all the trades for you.

This concept is great because most people in this market are looking for easy solutions to make money and so auto income bot is putting itself in that role to make sales. That’s all well and good, but there is no real discussion about the strategy how the software works at all. I understand a lot of people are going to be interested in the software because of how easy developer makes it seem that without some sort of a strategy I’m certainly skeptical.

The auto income bot does show multiple bank statements and a couple of screenshots that show two days trading. But both of those days being in January which really proves nothing at all.

Auto Income Bot Thoughts

There’s really no way for me to recommend the auto income bot with updates provided us up until this point. I can’t recommend a system that gives us two days of trading from months ago when the release of the product is now. It doesn’t make sense and when something doesn’t make sense I can’t invest my money into it

If you have something you would like to contribute to this review please leave your comments below. This is a system that is generating a lot of interest so if you bought it please do me the favor of letting me know if this auto income bot software is performing or not.


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