My Income Report – November 2014

Document_Folder_blueWell, I’m very happy to be back again discussing my personal finances and successes in the binary options market with you.

Just like last month in this report you will learn about what’s going on with the Binary Today web site and what binary options strategies and software I’m using to grow my accounts.

This month was very strong for myself and the BT community. As always I recommend that you take action. If you sit back and dream you are going to be a dreamer. In order to be successful it takes action and learning.

November Happenings

The month of November was strong but also challenging at the same time. I really wanted to provide more trade examples this month but I got caught up in trading a new binary options software that has me glued to my seat and addicted to placing trades.

I’ve talked to the team that put this software together and they promise that it will be available for the public within the next couple of weeks. I am very excited for the release of this product so I can tell you more about it and start to get feedback from my readers.  The software provides trades in the 30 minute range which is perfect for me because the 30 minute expiry has always been my favorite.

My Setup

Last month I told the readers here that I would provide some screenshots Of my trading set up so they could see how I use binary brainwave to provide me with up to $5000 a month. So here is a screenshot showing my meta-trader four set up and how I look at the charts to place my trades.

brain wave setup

Click to enlarge.

In this example you can see that I’m looking at about 18 hours of trading data. I do this on the M5 chart by right clicking and zooming in and out until I get a clear understanding of how the market has been moving. You can see I have circled areas on the chart where I find the market to be ranging for large periods of time and where binary brainwave will be its most successful.

I have found the past week that the market has been trending frequently but throughout the month I was still able to grow my accounts using the brainwave software.

My Income (November 2014)

Well I’m sure that you have waited long enough so let me get down to brass tacks here and show you what I was able to achieve in the month of November. I want to thank everyone for their support and backing here on binary today it is really helped me become a better trader.


  • Binary Brain Wave – $5,210.25
  • Binary Options Bullet – $941.50
  • Manual Trading – $925.00
  • Consultation – $1,500.00
  • New Undisclosed Software (Released – Binary Ascend) – $4,440.60

TOTAL: $13.017.35

As you can see this month I made an increase of $200 profit since October. One of the main differences in November is that I didn’t trade as frequently and relied on software more to provide me with signals. I actually made $1000 less in my manual trading and I didn’t use binary options bullet as much as I probably should have. I relied heavily on binary brainwave this month and the new software that I’ve been testing.

Moving Forward

This is the part of the report where I discuss my plans for the next month. I’m happy with the fact that I traded less and spent more time utilizing software for my signals. While my manual trading income went down the income from software rose nearly $2000. I want to continue focusing on the software and providing the readers here at binary today with more solutions and easy strategies.

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If there’s ever something you want to see added to the income report you can send me an email at any time by clicking ask John at the top of the page and I will actually respond to. If you don’t believe me, try me.

If you find anything I do here is helpful please follow me on Facebook and never miss a new article.

I hope that December is a wonderful month for you and that you have time to focus on the things and people you care about throughout the holiday season.

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