Knievel Money

knievel moneyKnievel Money is a new free binary options trading software. This is my second review of the day and I’m starting to become a little ornery. The developers of this software claim that their formula can boost daily profits by $1200 in just 10 minutes.

Today I’ll be providing a quick review and letting you know my thoughts about this new software.

Knievel Money Review

This is an interesting new marketing concept using evil Knievel as a promotion tool for Knievel money, a binary options software. Considering I feel like this product is a joke it’s really easy for me to make light of the situation. I really don’t see how this is professional in any way. It is difficult for me to understand why this developer would choose a stuntman to name his product after. Whenever I look at this website the only thing I can think of is my accounts crashing and burning at the end of a long motorcycle jump.

Video Review

I decided to take a closer look and watch some of the Knievel money video. The developer comes out with some very large claims saying that he’s earned $765,000 in just 3 years. Sadly, there are no actual results on the website anywhere to prove the legitimacy of this claim. I really don’t want to waste anyone’s time and I don’t want to waste my own so I’m going to end the review here.

Today I will not be recommending the Knievel money software to anybody. I don’t care if you are a binary today reader or your somebody that just walked in off the street. Nothing about this website tells me that is professional and this poorly put together video demonstration shows us nothing and proves nothing. If you’re looking for real binary options trading systems look around my website and see what the readers here have been voting to the top of the heap. Not sure about binary options at all? Send me a personal email by clicking ask John and I’ll answer any of your questions because the holidays are over and it’s time for us all to get winning.

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