January 2015 Income Report

Wow, January was an incredibly busy month for me. It seems the release of binary ascend really stuffed my email box with questions so I wasn’t able to trade is much as I would like to but I put the readers here first.

Calculator_Vista_IconIn my last income report I made it clear that I wanted to make $200,000 this year from my binary options trading. After my first month I believe that I have put myself in a position to meet that goal and hopefully even beat it.

Today I’ll be going over my income for the month and also be providing you with a video of my workstation and some of the binary options trade analysis I do when trying to pick a trade from a signal software. I’ll be giving you more insight on the trade assistant that I use and discussing the first month of binary ascend.

January Breakdown

As I mentioned before, January was very busy. On top of the release of binary ascend it was my eldest daughter’s birthday so it was joyous and eventful.

I really had to change my approach this month because the website was taking up a lot of my time.

I had to cut down on my personal life.

This isn’t something that I take lightly because the reason I trade is so that I can spend more time with my family. However, in order to achieve the goals I have set I need to spend adequate enough amount of time and I recognize that. I hope you guys are willing to sacrifice as well because binary options can take some patience but as you can see my income reports it can also be extremely rewarding.

Binary Options Trade Analysis

In this video you will see exactly how I place trades and how I use the trade assistant software to help me make quick decisions before placing a trade after I received the signal.

January Income

TOTAL: $17,510.90

This month I increased my profit by nearly $3,000. While I had to spend less time with my family to keep up with the needs of the Binary Today readers I was able to achieve my goals. I am currently on pace to reach my $200,000 goal and I hope that you have set some ambitious goals as well. I am currently at 9% through one month (progress bar below).

Next month I hope to hit $20,000 but that’s likely a few months away.

[wppb progress=9 option=”animated-candystripe green” percent=inside fullwidth=true]

Looking Forward

I hope that information about my binary options trade analysis today will help you formulate a strategy of your own. This market can be difficult at times even with the best software and that’s when a little intuition and formulated approach can help you stay in the money.

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If you ever need any help with binary options know that I am here and I’m willing to answer all your questions.

Let’s continue to make 2015 the best year in our trading careers and work together to achieve the goals we deserve. I look forward to reading your comments about my latest income report and can’t wait to hear more about how you are well on your way.

Come back to Binary Today soon and have a great February!

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