My February 2018 Win/Loss Report

Well first of all, let me start by welcoming you to the 41st edition of the income report. Every single month, I tally up all my wins and losses, and analyze my trading approach, so that I can learn from my steaks and find ways to increase my profits. Over the past few years, I’ve become heavily reliant on binary options signal systems, that tell me exactly when to place trades, which has made my life much easier. This is also made the analysis process simpler, because I can see which systems are trending in a positive direction, in which I need to pay less attention to.

I do have to apologize, this is the latest I’ve ever released the income report, and it’s because I’ve been very busy trading. I haven’t been writing as much as I would like to on this website, and that will certainly change moving forward. I appreciate every single one of the readers here, and want you to know that I will be providing you with more content, so you know exactly what’s emerging in the binary options market moving forward.

2018 Trade Approach

Last month I put together a video showing you a few sample trades, and I want to make sure that you’ve seen that video, so I’m going to put it here for you again. In this video, you can see my exact trade approach utilizing the #1 rated Binary Strategy signal software. Feel free to leave a comment, or hit the like button on YouTube.

February 2018 Income Report

With less time focused on the website, and more time focused on trading, I’ve been able to string together very long winning streaks. This is the best month I’ve had in some time, with all of the main signal systems having a major impact on my bottom line. From what I’m reading in the comments, and in my emails, the community is extremely satisfied with the progress of all 3 of these trading products.

TOTAL: $17290.56

Report Breakdown

Normally in this portion of the report, I analyze both the winners and the losers. Yet, this month there were no losers. Every single system that I relied on, provided me with effective trading systems as we enter one of my favorite times of year to trade. Historically, the markets become very easy to trade in the spring, which means we are right at the beginning of a segment of time where we can win a lot of trades.

The market is certainly aligned with Binary Strategy, Binary Today Trader and Binary Today 5.

In fact, I’m rarely relying on the built in trade assistant indicator to analyze incoming signals. I’ve found that the markets are so profitable right now, that I’m placing trades on almost every single signal that I receive. This type of approach may be viewed as risky, but when you are on such a long winning streak as I am, you tend to blow a little extra caution to the wind.

What’s Next For You

If you are new to binary options, or just new to the Binary Today website, I want you to take this report very seriously. I want you to set a goal for yourself, and begin testing signal systems on a demo account, as you learn the process and build a foundation for your passive income.

It can be very daunting to start trading, or start something new in general. Yet, we can’t let that get in the way of our dreams and goals.

So, today I challenge you to set new goals, and start trading, even if it is with virtual money to start.


Thank you so much for reading this edition of my income report.

This was one of my most successful months to date, and I couldn’t have done it without you. I hope that you will continue to read the articles I’m providing here, as you forge your path in the binary options trading marketplace.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave your responses below the article now.

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