InstaForex Binary Options Platform Review: Should You Stay Careful?

InstaForex Binary Options is a Forex trading platform that offers various trading tools for people looking to trade in Forex and binary options. It offers users an advanced trading platform, trading signals, analysis, and many other tools to facilitate easy trading. It is one of the most trusted options available in the market and has over 7 million traders. InstaForex Binary Options has an easy deposit system and they accept over 200 deposit methods. With the famous Meta 4 trader, they have developed an established trading platform for traders of all levels. This site seems to be quite friendly to new traders as well and it offers trading signals and a knowledge-based approach to facilitate new traders. The best thing about this platform its ease of use and reliability. This platform also offers bonuses to all customers ranging from a 100% bonus for your first deposit and a 30% bonus for deposits after that. They have more than 300 trading tools to facilitate the trader, which makes them one of the most advanced trading platforms. However, it’s better to look at every aspect of this site in detail before deciding whether it is profitable to invest in or not.

InstaForex Binary Options was founded in 2007 as a Forex trading platform and has since grown to offer investments in binary options as well as CFDs and other stocks. They have operations in more than 200 countries and a 24-hour support helpline. The company is based in Russia and is registered with regulatory authorities in countries around the world. They have also received various awards for the most reliable Forex/binary trading platform. The company is officially registered by the state bank of Russia. You can contact them via email or enter your number to request a callback. They can also be contacted via WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and Twitter. The support email address is You can visit the main site at

InstaForex Binary Options review

To get started on the InstaForex Binary Options site, you have to first create an account. They offer an easy sign up process and you may even change account types later on. Once you sign up, you will be able to access various trading tools and services. They will offer you the MT4 trader software, which you can download and connect to start trading. Or you can start trading in the demo account to firs get a feel for how the platform works. There is no limit to the amount of deposit you can make and you’ll automatically receive a bonus of 100% on your first deposit. After that, all traders get 30% bonus.


InstaForex Binary Options employs a reliable trading strategy that works for most traders. They use the trusted MT4 trading platform that is designed to offer a user-friendly trading experience. They also have a leverage system that is key to making member’s more profit. They offer leverages as high as 1: 1000, which makes it one of the better trading platforms. The automated trading bot is also useful in providing accurate trading signals, allowing users to take advantage of opportunities. Although they do not guarantee that you will definitely make a profit, the trading strategy gives each trader enough freedom to decide whether they want to opt for a safe or more risky trading pattern. However, the trading signals generated by the trading bot are generally quite reliable and accurate.


  • Company: InstaForex Binary Options
  • Product: Advanced Forex trading platform
  • Minimum deposit: $1
  • Trading strategy: Trading signals, leverage trading and diversity
  • Trading results: Positive
  • Customer Feedback: Positive
  • Demo account: Free

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Trading Results

InstaForex Binary Options has quite a positive record when it comes to trading results as many of their top traders have made profits over 200%. Although these results are few, it still shows the potential of this site. In fact, most beginner traders also make more gains than losses due to the successful trading signals and other trading tools provided by this platform. All the results of traders on the InstaForex Binary Options are verified by third parties.

Client Feedback

Another positive thing about InstaForex Binary Options is their significant customer base and thousands of positive reviews. Many successful personalities and traders use this platform and are quite satisfied with its usability, reliability and trading features. Most customers are also impressed by the fact that they give a bonus of 30% on each deposit and one person is allowed to create several trading accounts.


InstaForex Binary Options seems to be a nice Forex trading platform. They provide great leverage, a reliable trading platform, and a significant bonus on each deposit. This site is also registered with various regulatory authorities and has a satisfied customer base. Their support is also reliable and their trading results are verified to back up their claims, so you should not hesitate to invest in this site.

If you have you been considering to use this platform or have had any experience with this company, we’d love to hear from you. So, share with us in the comments section below…

InstaForex Binary Options $1 (minimum deposit)


Insta Forex uses use the trusted MT4 trading platform
You receive a 100%bonus on first deposit
Their trading signals appear to be quite reliable


There’s no guarantee that you will make any profit

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